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How to become a Transport Planner

Transport Planner
avg. starting salary

Looking for a better career path? You should become a Transport Planner… Transport Planners are responsible for the planning and improvement of both new and existing transport systems. They use research, analysis, and planning techniques to effectively manage the growth of a wide range of structures, and evaluate the need for new schemes and policies. They’re also in charge of assessing and limiting the impact the changes might have on the public and the environment. Whether they’re working on roads, rail networks, pedestrian systems, or air travel – a Transport Planner’s job is all about coming up with future-proof strategies and improving efficiency. General duties for a Transport Planner may include:
  • Using computer models to create forecasts
  • Examining and analysing travel data, and the impact any changes may have
  • Writing reports that include research-based recommendations
  • Giving presentations about proposed plans
  • Evaluating the pros, cons, and costs of potential strategies
  • Assessing infrastructure requirements
  • Submitting funding bids and planning applications

In addition to excellent project management skills and a solid understanding of the issues involved with transport systems, aspiring Transport Planners will also need to be able to accurately assess situations and solve problems accordingly. And, because a large part of the job will involve liaising with various types of people (including councillors, local groups, and the public) – you’ll also need to have expert negotiation skills. After all, even if you have great ideas – they probably won’t get the attention they deserve if you don’t have the confidence to put your proposals forward effectively. You’ll also need to be:
  • Mathematically minded
  • Analytical
  • Organised
  • Computer literate
  • An excellent communicator
  • Excellent at working as part of a team


Junior Transport Planner

Up to £24,000

Transport Planner

Up to £40,000

Town Planner

Up to £60,000

"For me, there are two main qualities you need to become a Transport Planner. Firstly, you have to be able to see past problems to find real solutions. Secondly, you need to be a great communicator. In other words, if your traffic induced road rage doesn’t consist of polite negotiations and suggestions for improvement (e.g. an extra lane on a busy road), you probably won’t get much done in this job. My day-to-day is varied, and mainly involves looking at travel data and pinpointing areas that need work. Then, I run simulations, put together plans, and write reports in order to assess the feasibility of ideas. Most importantly though, I always need to ensure that the changes in transport systems work well for both the environment and the public."

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