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How to become a Systems Auditor

Systems Auditor
avg. starting salary

Need a career change? It’s time for an audit…  A Systems Auditor assesses and protects a company’s internal information systems.  They carry out regular audits that are designed to analyse technology processes, business controls, and programmes, and identify any weaknesses that may be present within the system.   They’re then able to suggest improvements that will safeguard internal information, make the system more reliable, and prevent potential security breaches.  Typical responsibilities for a Systems Auditor include: 
  • Developing and implementing audit procedures
  • Analysing information technology processes  
  • Identifying internal control risks in a system’s network 
  • Creating strategies to improve network security 
  • Working with audit analysis software, such as SAP, Oracle, Sybase, and UNIX
  • Providing training to audit team members 
  • Writing, preparing, and presenting audit reports 

As your role will involve gathering data, spotting errors, and compiling reports - excellent numeracy skills along with a good attention to detail are absolutely vital.  What’s more, you’ll need a solid understanding of computer hardware, software, networks, and cloud computing - from installation and operation to maintenance and repair.  Strong knowledge of auditing concepts and principles are also important for this role.  Other key skills for a Systems Auditor include: 
  • An up-to-date knowledge of technological developments and trends 
  • An ability to carry out disaster recovery and maintenance procedures 
  • Proficiency in computer-assisted auditing tools and applications 
  • Skills in programming and knowledge of general accounting principles
  • An awareness of auditing policies and procedures 
  • Excellent observational and problem-solving skills 
  • A rounded knowledge of or background in the auditing subject  
  • The ability to evaluate a range of computer systems 


Assistant IT Auditor

Up to £30,000

IT Auditor

Up to £42,000

IT Audit Manager

Up to £65,000

" "Systems auditing, be it internal or external, is an evolving role with high job mobility. Having worked in the field for a few years now, I’ve managed to grow my skills in a wide range of areas. Each audit feels like an investigation, and it’s a great feeling when you manage to spot red flags and resolve security issues (or better, stop them before they even happen). And at the end of each project, you’ll know you’ve successfully protected vast amounts of important data." "

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