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How to become a Primary School Teacher

Primary School Teacher
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Good with kids? Think you've got what it takes to inspire a whole new generation? Then becoming a Primary School Teacher might be the perfect career move for you. As a Teacher at this level, you'd be responsible for classes of five to eleven-year-olds, covering primary national curriculum subjects at Key Stages 1 and 2. You won't usually be able to specialise in one subject, so everything from English and maths to science and music will be on the timetable. It's not just about the lessons themselves though - you'll also be responsible for:
  • Your children's social and emotional development
  • Managing behaviour (even when it's challenging)
  • Discussing progress with parents, careers, inspectors and social workers
  • Organising outings such as museum trips
  • Coming up with lesson plans and ways to teach them
  • Marking children's work

To be successful in this position, having a passion for working with children is essential, as well as a genuine interest in education. You will also need exceptional communication skills and must be able to motivate pupils who may sometimes be unruly or lack confidence. If you're the type of person who needs a lie-down in a darkened room after speaking to children for any length of time, then this isn't the vocation for you... A good Primary School Teacher will be:
  • Full of enthusiasm for their subjects
  • Creative enough to come up with new ways of teaching old topics
  • Able to relate to people of all ages
  • Excellent at communication
  • Highly organised and good at time management
  • Patient
  • Calm in any kind of crisis - remember you'll be dealing with everything from playground fisticuffs to toilet-related mishaps with this age group

"It may be hard work and feel like a lot of shouting, but I love the freedom and creativity involved in leading my own classes. It's certainly not boring - you never know what the kids might come out with next - and the thrill of seeing a child master something completely new is like no other. A word of advice though - make sure you wear comfy shoes, as you won't believe how long you spend on your feet!"

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