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How to become a Headteacher

avg. starting salary

You hate Monday because you hate your job. You should be a Headteacher… A Headteacher is responsible for the running of a school, managing staff and ensuring all pupils receive the most out of their education. They may work in a primary or secondary school, or even as Head of a sixth-from college, working to help inspire and motivate their pupils to achieve. However, although some may take charge of certain classes, you do not necessarily need previous teaching experience to work as a Headteacher. Typical duties for a Headteacher could include: Although specific responsibilities vary from industry to industry, the role of an Accountant will usually include the following:
  • Meeting with governors and board of directors to set goals and discuss school policies
  • Ensuring all agreed goals are understood and members of the faculty
  • Recruiting and training new teachers
  • Managing the schools financial assets, including making sure any upgrades to equipment or property come within set budgets
  • Reporting on the school’s performance to key stakeholders, including government, pupils, parents and staff

To become a Headteacher, excellent man-management and interpersonal skills are essential. Effective communication is absolutely vital, whether taking charge of a small village school or overseeing the education of a thousand students. Your success in this position will also often depend on how well you manage difficult situations with both staff members and your pupils. Having the respect of the school will go a long way in ensuring a healthy and harmonious environment. Other key skills include:
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Courage and conviction
  • A balanced approach to discipline
  • Prioritisation and delegation skills
  • A good level of academic knowledge and an excellent understanding of the curriculum
  • Patience (sense of humour not essential, but is definitely recommended)


Head Of Department

Up to £40,000

Deputy Headteacher

Up to £50,000


Up to £100,000

"I’ve always been passionate about the education system, but felt working as a teacher meant I didn’t have the impact I really wanted when it came to making big changes. I’ve been a Headteacher for around five years, and I couldn’t be happier. I get to help support and encourage students to reach the next level in their careers by providing the best environment I possibly can to help them learn. It can be stressful at times, but when your work literally changes who people are and who they’ll become, it really puts things in perspective."

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