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How to become a DJ

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Sick of sounding like a broken record? More of a Jules than a Judy fan? You should be a DJ…DJs select and play music to listeners on the radio, or to crowds at live gigs and events.It is their job to keep their audience entertained at all times, by presenting a playlist that keeps people engaged, no matter what the occasion. So whether it’s a wedding on the wane, a club night that needs a lift, or the morning show that needs to kick-start someone’s day, a good DJ should be there.N.B. Contrary to popular belief, a good DJ will not save your life/make you feel nice/spin you right round.Typical responsibilities for a DJ may include:
  • Compiling a playlist/setlist for an event
  • Setting up all equipment before an event
  • Performing in front of crowds/at private functions, or playing music to radio listeners
  • Hosting promotional nights to showcase their music
  • Mixing and producing their own tracks

To become a DJ, having a natural ear and talent for music is absolutely essential.You will need creative talent, especially if looking to record your own music, as well as a good level of technical knowledge and understanding of the equipment. You should also be up-to-date with the latest audio trends. If you’re one of those waiting for minidisks to make a comeback, this may not be the career for you.Other key skills include:
  • Natural rhythm
  • An excellent sense of timing
  • Confidence
  • Objectivity (especially if you take requests)
  • An eclectic taste
  • A complete immunity to Dexy’s Midnight Runners

"I started DJing whilst I was at university. Initially it started with a few weddings and private parties every other weekend, but it soon snowballed. Now I run my own night at a local club every week, which is great. I get to play music I’m passionate about, and get paid for it. I’ve even started recording my own tracks. I still do the odd party here or there for a bit of extra cash, but I don’t overdo it. There are only so many times a year you can listen to Olivia Newton John."

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