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Skills you will master

  • Game Development
  • Gem Collector
  • BreakOut
  • Flappy Chopper
  • Breakout Game
  • Pipe Runner Game
  • Box Sprint Game
  • Maze Games
  • Unity GUI
  • Game Physics
  • Inertia
  • Gravity
  • Torque
  • Unity 3D
  • Fractal Basics
  • Object Pooling
  • frame rate counter
  • Bezier Curves And Lines
  • Meshes
  • Rendering
  • Creating Hexagonal Maps
  • Simulation Noise
  • Procedural Noise
  • Noise Derivatives
  • Simplex Noise
  • Marching Squares
  • Voxel Grids
  • Shader Programming
  • Editor Scripting in Unity
  • Role Playing Game(RPG)
  • 3D Integration
  • Level Design
  • Joyride Clone
  • Tower Defense Game

Jobs you will be eligible for

  • Data Analyst
  • Unity Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Game Programmer
  • Unity game Programmer
  • Unity Architect
  • 3d Unity Game Developer
  • Unity APP Developer
  • 3D Unity Developer
  • Unity Programmer
  • VR Developer
  • Unity Level Designer
  • Mobile Game Developer
  • Game Engineer
  • AR / VR Developer
  • Game Developer
  • 3D Modeling Artist
  • Game Programmer
  • Simulation Developer 3D
  • Architectural Visualiser
  • Extended Reality (XR) Graphics Rendering Software Specialist
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Technical Artist
  • VR Graphics Software Engineer
  • Multiplayer Games Developer
  • VR UI/Ux Artist


If you are a Game geek and in case you ever tried your hand towards computer gaming, you must be aware of the Unity software. Regardless the 2D or 3D Unity game development you want to make, Unity is the common platform that most of the games in the market are created. With this application, you can create a full length working two-dimensional and three-dimensional games just as you witnesses everywhere.

This 2D & 3D Unity game development program is focused towards giving the understanding of the Unity 5 version and unity game development teach you how you can make use of the software in creating traditional two-dimensional games and breathtaking three-dimensional games. We will look into various parts of the software which will directly deal with both flavors of the game. We start the lectures from the scratch as beginners can understand the complex topics covered in the further lectures and we also have advanced lectures such as scripting and 3D gaming essential elements which will help intermediate and advanced level students to learn deeper concepts about Unity 5.

A common misconception these days is to leave the traditional two-dimensional gaming and start working on three-dimensional gaming from the day one, which can potentially dent a gamers career. We introduced 2D gaming in this program as even today, it is widely used and highly successive games of all kinds. 3D gaming is essentially worked only by High-end studios and massive gaming companies as EA. Though the spectrum is large, on a global scale the number of companies that are totally involved in 3D gaming is relatively lesser when compared to the gaming companies working on 2D gaming. The numerous numbers of games we find today on Android and iPhone are dominated by the two-dimensional gaming examples. Every day there are a huge number of gaming companies coming into the global market who are trying their hand at the 2D games through the mobile platform. This is one of the strongest rationales that we included the 2D gaming in this program.

On the other hand, three-dimensional games are hitting the market like never before. In the recent years, 3D games revolutionized the way we perceived gaming experience from what we have seen a few years ago. Thanks to the increasing capacity of the hardware equipment and latest technology. Very soon, 3D gaming will set up into a multitude of avenues such as Holograms, Virtual reality, Sensor-driven gaming and much more.

Learning this Unity 5 program can introduce you to the best of both worlds – 2D and 3D Unity game development and it opens the doors to introduce you into the competitive world of gaming. The Unity game development program comprises of more than eight hours of comprehensive teaching on Unity 5 with above 42 Lectures readily available.

The program is focused on both 2D and 3D gaming methods and provides comprehensive information about the working methods of both methods. Hence, the target audience of the program can be quite large than the list we mention below. Nevertheless, the points mentioned below suites as the primary group which can gain optimum from this program.

Students who are interested in Unity Game development can gain an advantage by taking this game development program, as the lectures introduce to various professional level tips and tricks of Industry standard.

Beginners and Intermediate level students of Unity game development and designing.

Programmers who are interested in joining Unity game development Industry

Multimedia Professional trying to learn code and enter a gaming

Pre-requisites to take this Unity game development program

Having a basic idea about a 3D interface and software programming will help you easily understand the program. However, the program starts at the basic level which helps you to learn the content from the beginner’s stage.

Many gamers don’t have a knowledge of the gaming environment and how it works. Having a prior information about the terms of the gaming industry will make it easy to learn every bit of the program quickly.

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