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The Complete Quality Assurance Course - Learn QA from Scratch

Learn QA Software Testing both Manual and Automation. Become Developer in Test and Kick-start your Career in IT.

Victor Gorinov


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9.5 hours
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This course is updated frequently with new lessons, projects and resources!

September 2021 - NEW! Videos Added - Penetration Testing for Beginners | Learn Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

Start Learning Quality Assurance in 2021!

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9h 28m
    • 2: Welcome! 00:50
    • 3: SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle 06:52
    • 4: Agile Methodology 08:21
    • 5: Software SCRUM Team Members and Responsibilities 06:17
    • 6: Different Types of Testing 06:47
    • 7: What is a Software BUG 06:47
    • 8: What is a Test Case 09:22
    • 9: How to Create Test Cases 14:49
    • 10: Black Box Testing 02:24
    • 11: White Box Testing 02:24
    • 12: Cross Browser Testing 03:28
    • 13: UAT - User Acceptance Testing 03:03
    • 14: JIRA - Bug Tracking Tool 06:03
    • 15: What is Regression Testing 03:24
    • 16: What is Exploratory Testing 05:12
    • 17: Volume vs Load Testing 04:20
    • 18: When Should You Automate? 04:16
    • 19: Interview Questions - Preparing for Your First Manual QA Job 11:06
    • 20: QA Salary - How Much Money QA Makes 07:11
    • 21: Make Money Testing Websites from Home 04:04
    • 22: C# or Java - Which One is Better 05:35
    • 23: Intro 00:53
    • 24: Installing Visual Studio - Your Development Environment 03:58
    • 25: Understand Basic Programming 10:52
    • 26: Understand Variables 08:14
    • 27: Boolean - True or False 00:39
    • 28: Creating Simple Calculator 07:32
    • 29: Creating Simple Greeting Program 05:05
    • 30: If-else statements - Our First Code Logic 06:41
    • 31: Switch Statements 03:32
    • 32: For Loops 05:40
    • 33: While Loops 05:24
    • 34: Methods 09:06
    • 35: Arrays 11:46
    • 36: Selenium Automation Introduction 00:52
    • 37: Installing Visual Studio - Your Development Environment (if you haven't already) 03:58
    • 38: What is Selenium 03:47
    • 39: Create Your First Project and Install Selenium 04:14
    • 40: First Steps in Selenium Automation with C# 09:01
    • 41: Use NUnit for Your Testing Automation Framework 09:34
    • 42: Assert in Selenium - Get Page Title and Assert the Result 09:43
    • 43: Element Selectors - ID, ClassName, XPath - Create Amazon Automation Program 22:26
    • 44: Facebook Automation Program 35:09
    • 45: Install Java JDK 09:57
    • 46: Install IntelliJ IDEA + Create Your First Java Application 07:59
    • 47: Understand Basic Programming using Java 09:26
    • 48: Variables 08:05
    • 49: Getting User Input 04:34
    • 50: Building a Basic Calculator 07:19
    • 51: Building a Basic Greeting Program 05:02
    • 52: If-else statements - Your First Code Logic 06:44
    • 53: Switch Statements 04:32
    • 54: For Loops 07:08
    • 55: While and Do While Loops 06:14
    • 56: Methods 10:14
    • 57: Arrays 15:12
    • 58: Classes and Access Modifiers 12:22
    • 59: Installing Postman 02:51
    • 60: First Steps in Postman 04:34
    • 61: Create Your First API Request 07:26
    • 62: Learn Collections 04:39
    • 63: Run Collections 06:25
    • 64: Variables in Postman 07:45
    • 65: Postman Scripting and Snippets 11:40
    • 66: Create Environments 07:54
    • 67: Create First Postman Test 05:31
    • 68: How to Debug 04:49
    • 69: Learn Workspaces 05:09
    • 70: Terminology 03:29
    • 71: What is Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) 02:16
    • 72: Why Do We Need Penetration Testing 01:45
    • 73: Who is Doing the Penetration Testing 00:51
    • 74: How to Perform Penetration Testing (Security Testing Steps) 02:44
    • 75: What Problems We Solve With Penetration Testing 01:51
    • 76: Most Common Penetration Attacks 04:02
    • 77: SQL Injection 12:04
    • 78: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attack 08:04
    • 79: Tools for Penetration Testing 03:17
    • 80: What is OWASP 02:31
    • 81: Automated Scanning for Vulnerabilities using FREE Tool 08:14
    • 82: OWASP Resources 01:36
    • 83: OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities 04:14
    • 84: Web Security Testing Guide 06:18
    • 85: Testing Guide Checklist (Follow These Steps When Performing Security Testing) 06:49
    • 86: Mobile Applications Security Verification Standard (Mobile AppSec) 01:13
    • 87: Bug Bounty Programs - Everything You Need to Know 10:29
    • 88: Thank You! 00:25

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You will learn different ways of Software Testing and everything you need to start your first job as Junior Automation Quality Assurance Engineer.
This course will give you the foundationand confidence to enter the IT Industry as Automation QA Engineer or Manual QA Engineer.

You WILL Learn:

  • What is a Test Case and how to write a Test Case

  • What is Software Development Life Cycle

  • What is Agile - Scrum and Kanban

  • Different Types of Testing

  • What is a BUG?

  • Black Box Testing

  • White Box Testing

  • UAT - User Acceptance Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Cross Browser Testing

  • JIRA - Bug Tracking Tool

  • Basics of Programming

  • What is Selenium in Automation

  • Create your First Automation Project with Selenium

  • NUnit Automation Framework

  • Assertions in Selenium

  • Element Selectors - ID, ClassName, XPath

  • REST API Testing with Postman (Back-End Testing)

  • Basics of Programming
  • Security Testing

You don't need any experience to start with this course, you will be guided step by step through this course.
You will also get Bonus Materials to help you from the beginning.

This course requires work in the beginning - just like any other thing in life.
But the best thing in the world is when your start making positive changes in your life.
This course teaches you the simplest way to enter the IT field - Quality Assurance!

If You Are Someone Who:

  • Want to Become Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Want to learn Software Testing
  • Want to Change Career
  • Want to achieve Financial Freedom and Enjoy Life

Get Started Today!

You will also get:
- Support and Answers to All Your Questions During the Course
- Lifetime Access
- Certificate of Completion

Now go Ahead and Start with the Course.
I'll See You in the First Lesson!

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to become Quality Assurance Engineer.

Anyone who wants to learn Software Testing.

Anyone who wants to start their first job in the IT field.

Anyone who wants to become QA Automation Engineer (Developer in Test).


You don't need any experience to start with this course. Everything will be explained for complete beginners.

Career path

Level 1: Intern QA Engineer

Level 2: Junior QA Engineer (Manual or Automation)

Level 3: Regular/Mid QA Engineer

Level 4: Senior QA Engineer

Level 5: QA Team Lead

Level 6: QA Manager

Questions and answers

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Sharon asked:

What is the average Salary ranges for a QA tester


Hello Sharon, thank you for your question! It depends on a lot of things - experience, technical skills, soft skills and ability to negotiate, country, education, type of company and more. With that being said, a quick google search shows us that the salaries of Software QA Testers in the US range from $44,907 to $129,700 , with a median salary of $85,240.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Heena asked:

Will you provide certificate after completion if the cousre? Will this course include projects also?


Hello Heena, Certificate of completion is available and is included in the price. The course is designed in a way that you can learn by doing, so if you follow the videos you will have theoretical part and you will have to do exercises on your own.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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