Octrac consulting

About us

Based in the heart of London, Octrac Consulting was established to help Employers to help set up systems in place to help employers address mental health issues at work.

As Mental health Practitioners, we have been asked several times to assess people who have had mental health breakdown while on duty.  In all cases, employers were not sure about legal issues, confidentiality and even their duties and responsibility towards staff suffering from mental health issues. Mental health training within organisations helps managers and supervisors identify mental illness, give first aid before staff is seen by a specialist mental health services worker.

Why choose us

Octrac consulting is a leading provider of mental health education and training to organisations and specialises in training and developing organisations to ensure they are able to support their employees.

We also provide e-learning mandatory and statutory training for health and social care organisations to enable employees to function effectively in their roles. We work with other leading training organisations to develop CPD accredited courses across different industries. Courses are developed by experts in the field, bring quality to the end product.


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