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LearnPac Systems

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About us

LearnPac Systems is a cutting edge, innovative and accredited UK online learning management system (LMS) software provider.

Who is LearnPac® for? 

LearnPac® e-learning system is suitable for anyone and everyone! 

Our interactive learning management system caters for all sectors and organisation sizes (big and small) as well as individuals. We have a large catalogue of e-learning courses for healthcare; health and social care; health and safety; hospitality and catering among many others.

Our team of experienced content developers and copy writers can write relevant online courses specifically for your organisation. Alternatively, we can help you to convert existing induction training and other classroom based statutory and mandatory training courses into interactive e learning courses. 

Online CPD courses 

LearnPac is an accredited provider of a wide range of online courses, including health and safety, health and social care, food safety, retail sector and many others. Select from our online course categories to complete your courses via our interactive e-learning portal.

Cloud-based learning management platform 

LearnPac is a leading UK provider of learning management systems (LMS). Individuals and businesses can use our online LMS to meet their learning requirements with ease. Organisations can also upload their own courses and brand their e-learning portal.

Blended learning on demand 

LearnPac provide a FREE blended learning environment (BLE) for individuals and organisations. You can combine classroom training, independent study and online learning using our interactive online learning environment. Register for your FREE BLE today.

LearnPac for business 

LearnPac works with many UK businesses (small, medium and large organisations) to develop online learning materials. Businesses can convert parts or all of their induction training, refresher courses and statutory & mandatory training courses to our interactive e-learning portal.

Businesses can use our FREE blended learning environment to combine classroom or work-based training and structured online courses. Alternatively, LearnPac content developers can write relevant online courses specifically for your organisation. Additionally, organisations can upload their own courses, induction training and other learning materials to the LearnPac e-learning portal. Our technical team and subject matter experts have dozens of years of experience working with organisations of varying sizes. Contact us to find out how LearnPac can help your organisation to stay ahead with e-learning.

Experienced content developers 

Our team of in-house and external tutors and instructors work closely with our technical team. This interaction helps to develop meaningful and interactive online courses. Our clients can thus benefit from inter-disciplinary skill sets that would otherwise be difficult to find elsewhere.

Why choose us

The real question here is why wouldn't you choose LearnPac as your elearning provider? We are dedicated to continuously provide our clients with a cost effective, tailored, high-quality and easy e-learning solution. LearnPac® aims to give your workforce a unique and memorable elearning experience, including:

  • create your own FREE blended learning environment
  • save money with online courses
  • improve employee productivity & organisational performance
  • full control with our ‘Group Management’ features
  • accessible on multiple devices and platforms
  • online courses look great on your CV
  • fully flexible online learner management system
  • FREE certification with all online courses
  • interactive online learning platform
  • dedicated Support Team
  • learn anything, anytime, anywhere

Learn on any device 

You can access our online learning materials on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Our Support Team 

The LearnPac Support Team is based in Coventry (UK). Contact us to find out more about e-learning, content development and our free blended learning environment for organisations.

Experienced project managers 

Each client is important to us regardless of their size or contract value. To that end, we assign a dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager from start to finish. Our aim is to provide the best online learning experience for all learners and organisations by continually improving our systems.

The boring technical bits... 

So, the technical parts of e-learning might sound a bit boring, but it's actually pretty interesting...

LearnPac Systems® LMS uses the latest TIN CAN API technology that is more interactive than other platforms. Although Moodle and SCORM have served us well for many years, they don’t really capture the full picture of e-learning. TIN CAN API allows you to record any learning experience, wherever and however it happens.

Our cloud based e-learning system is accessed via a secure, UK based server, meaning all data is securely protected and you remain compliant with ICO and data protection regulations.

Who is using LearnPac LMS? 

LearnPac® is used by NHS providers, councils, health & social care, private companies and non-profit organisations among many others.

Find out how LearnPac® can help your organisation to stay ahead with online learning.

 "The support from LearnPac was phenomenal! We used LearnPac Systems for the blended learning environment. They provided our mental health staff with all the online statutory & mandatory training courses to meet our regulatory requirements..."

Eden Brown Synergy (public sector recruitment suppliers)

"Thank you LearnPac! The course content you designed was suitably tailored to our workforce, which really helped staff improve understanding of the subjects. The flexibility & support we were given was outstanding ..."

One Health (specialist surgeons & healthcare managers)

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