About us

Learn Now Distance Learning College is a family run business with many years of experience in the home learning market.

At Learn Now we believe that all students should be treated as individuals not numbers and that's why our success rate is so high. Unlimited Tutor support is available because we feel that with the right guidance, all students can succeed, and no-one should feel isolated or on their own.

Why choose us

At Learn Now Distance Learning College, we believe that everyone should have the right to study.

Rather than you having to travel to a conventional college, your college comes to you; at a time and place that suits. You decide!

Distance learning courses often cost less and because of the flexibility, you can earn while you learn; fitting your job around your studies.

No academic qualifications are needed and if you have any health issues, care responsibilities or anything else that makes it difficult to commit to study at specific times, then distance learning may be the most obvious choice for you.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s the view from one of our students:

Emma is 20 years old and because of circumstances at the time, was unable to sit her A’ Levels at school. Now with her life more on track, she wants to persue her dream of completing a law degree and specialising in commercial law.

“I thought that my dreams of becoming a lawyer were over but thanks to distance learning, I can now finish my A’ Levels and look forward to my future. I work full-time in a well-known fashion store and it’s given me the opportunity to save some funds towards my education and complete my course at the same time.

Because all of my resources are online, sometimes I logon to the Student portal at lunchtime and upload my assignments or check feedback from my Tutor. If I get stuck with anything, I just ask my Tutor for help.”

Distance Learning isn’t for everyone but if you feel you need the flexibility a home study course can offer you, why not take a look at the 300+ courses we have available.