Home Study Zone

About us

At Home Study Zone, we like to think we are different from other distance learning providers. We treat students as individuals not numbers because we know one size doesn’t fit all!

Why choose us

Distance learning has been around since 1728 and we like to think that although technology has made a big impact on the delivery of your learning, the principal still remains the same.

Students sometimes are unable to attend college at specified times on specified days and certain locations. Studying by distance learning means you can still complete your chosen course and continue with your goals in life. Whether it be to attend further or higher education, or just improve your future prospects. 

Although you are studying remotely, you will never feel like you are on your own. Our dedicated Tutors are always on hand to help and with an extensive resource bank, there is always something there to boost your studies.

We work to the specifications set out for each subject and on completion you have the confidence of knowing you have reached the standards required by the awarding body.