About us

Who is e-Careers?

e-Careers comprises of passionate and talented educationalists who support over 325,000 students all over the world.

The institution consists of around 200 individuals, who all specialise in their own aspects of combining education with technology.

We are a training institution who offer accredited training courses from multiple awarding bodies, looking to provide our learners with the best possible chance of gaining the certification they need, or excel in their chosen career path.

We make sure our courses are not only affordable, but are accessible for all through the power of technology by offering training via:

eLearning - Classroom - Blended - Onsite - Virtual  

e-Careers is a true "EdTech" institution – what does this mean?

e-Careers believes that technology and certain types of education must go hand in hand to ensure future human evolution.

e-Careers is an industry leader in the use of technology to DELIVER training and qualifications as well as contributing to the industry in ground breaking methods of E-Learning content DEVELOPMENT.

The ability to master both DELIVERY and DEVELOPMENT makes e-Careers a true EdTech institution.

What courses can I study with e-Careers?

We offer a plethora of courses in the following sectors, with new courses and updates coming out regularly!

  • Accountancy & Bookkeeping
  • Business & Work
  • Coding & Programming
  • Employability Skills
  • Health, Safety & Compliance
  • IT. Networking & Cyber Security
  • Lifestyle & Interests
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project & Quality Management
  • Teaching, Childcare & Education
  • Web Development, Design & Creative

Why choose us

Our Careers Advisors will be able to answer any of your questions on our courses and advise you on which course will benefit you the most.

Our e-Learning holds many benefits, here are a few reasons why you should consider learning with us:

  • Cost effective – minimises human, travel and classroom costs
  • Flexible – studying can be considered as "on demand". You are in control of where and when you want to learn
  • Up to date – all training material can be kept up to date and all students would automatically learn from the latest content
  • Evidence – progress tracking, completion reports and downloadable certificates ensure that everything learnt is validated
  • Consistent – It provides a consistent message, therefore eliminating problems with different instructors teaching different material in different styles
  • Environmentally friendly – you don’t need to travel and it doesn’t consume vast amounts of paper correspondence

Customer Testimonials

Emma: "The course had excellent content and certainly covered more than I envisaged. Everything is very easy to follow, well laid out, and the immediate 'contact us' facility, if you have any queries, is fantastic. With three young children, this course suited me perfectly as I could do it at my own pace and work it around family life. I would highly recommend this way of learning and this company to everyone."

Rebecca: "I found it so difficult to find a course online that I could take my time with and complete in my own time. A lot of other companies want thousands of pounds which people can’t afford but e-Careers is affordable which is great because it doesn’t put you off doing what you want to do. The customer’s service is outstanding, I contacted them about a question in my test and they sorted it straight away professionally and sincerely. You can trust e-Careers in helping you find the right course for your career path. I love it! Everything is there for you. I finally accomplished something and stuck to and I’m so glad I completed it, there's no pressure or deadline which is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you e-Careers! Thank you so much!"

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