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Leadership & Management

Advanced (Level 7 QLS Endorsed) Diploma | 21 Interactive Video Module| 4 Free Courses, 5 e-Certificates| 1st Module Free

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220 CPD hours / points
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The Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 course now comes to you accompanied by 5 Premium Bundle courses with 5 Free PDF Certificate. Enrol in the Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 course now & get access to the following additional courses:

Course 01: Confidence Building & Assertiveness
Course 02:
Team Work & Team Building Course
Course 03:
Diploma in Employee Management
Course 04:
Effective Methods of Public Speaking and Presentation Skill

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This Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 course is endorsed by The Quality Licence Scheme & accredited by CPD & IAO (with 220 CPD points) to make your skill development & career progression related to Leadership and Management substantial & easier than ever!

People don't leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses. This Diploma in Leadership and Management course shows you how you can become an effective leader, manage your team properly and avoid falling into the “Bad Boss” category.

According to research by Totaljobs, around 49% of all employees in the UK at some point quit their job because of bad managers. With step-by-step instructions from this Diploma in Leadership and Management Training, you will avoid all the mistakes that most managers/leaders make and become an ideal leader who inspires, motivates and achieves goals by properly managing employees.

In the Diploma in Leadership and Management Program, you learn about different leadership styles and which one will suit you best. You find out how to create a high-performance team that can always get things done along with detailed lessons on managing office politics, negotiating, communicating, succession planning and much much more.

Students can expect to complete this Leadership & Management training course in around 600 hours. You’ll also get dedicated expert assistance from us to answer any queries you may have while studying our Leadership & Management course.

You'll get a Free Student ID card by enroling in this Leadership & Management course. This ID card entitles you to discounts on bus tickets, movie tickets, and library cards.

Learning Outcomes of Diploma in Leadership and Management:

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the learning outcomes of this Diploma in Leadership and Management. After completing the course, you will:

  • Have a deep understanding of different leadership styles and theories
  • Be able to create high-performance teams
  • Be able to motivate employees
  • Be able to manage talented employees and changes in the business environment
  • Be able to resolve and manage conflicts
  • Be able to deal with office politics
  • Be able to manage risks properly
  • Be able to train and coach future leaders of the business

The high points don’t end there, as a bonus we have included a full step by step guide on mastering MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint with this Diploma in Leadership and Management and after completing this course you also get a QLS endorsed certificate attesting to your skills in leadership and management. And if at any point of the Diploma in Leadership and Management you are not satisfied with the offerings then we will give you a full refund no questions asked.

Enroling on the Leadership & Management course will ensure that you land your dream career faster than you thought possible.

Why Prefer this Diploma in Leadership & Management?

  • Opportunity to earn a certificate endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme and another certificate accredited by CPD & IAO after completing this Diploma in Leadership & Management
  • Student ID card with amazing discounts — completely for FREE! (£10 postal charges will be applicable for international delivery)
  • Standard-aligned lesson planning
  • Innovative and engaging content and activities
  • Assessments that measure higher-level thinking and skills
  • Complete the Diploma in Leadership & Management program in your own time, at your own pace
  • Each of our students gets full 24/7 tutor support



220 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD QS


12h 25m

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*** Course Curriculum ***

Here is the curriculum breakdown of Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7:

Module 1: Understanding Management and Leadership

  • Leadership & Management - Definition, Characteristics & Importance of Leadership
  • Leadership & Management - Role & Qualities of a Leader
  • Leadership & Management - Managers vs Leaders
  • Leadership & Management - Leadership Styles
  • Leadership & Management - Directing, Coaching, Supporting & Delegating
  • Leadership & Management - Understanding Your Comfort Zone
  • Leadership & Management - Types of Leadership Thinking
  • Leadership & Management - Consequential Thinking and Decision Making
  • Leadership & Management - Influential Leadership & Leadership Ethics

Module 2: Leadership Theories

  • Leadership & Management - Leadership Theories
  • Leadership & Management - Great Man Theory
  • Leadership & Management - Trait Theory
  • Leadership & Management - Transformational Leadership
  • Leadership & Management - Components, Advantages & Disadvantages of Transformational Theory

Module 3: Improving Management and Leadership Performance

  • Leadership & Management - The Learning Organisation
  • Leadership & Management - Five Disciplines of Learning Organisations
  • Leadership & Management - Systems Thinking
  • Leadership & Management - Personal Mastery
  • Leadership & Management - Developing Personal Mastery
  • Leadership & Management - Vision, Values, Mental Model & Shared Vision
  • Leadership & Management - Team Learning

Module 4: High Performance Teams

  • Leadership & Management - The Meaning and Importance of Groups and Teams
  • Leadership & Management - Differences between Groups and Teams
  • Leadership & Management - Types of Teams
  • Leadership & Management - Creating Effective Teams

Module 5: Motivating Employees

  • Leadership & Management - Definition, Characteristics & Importance of Motivation
  • Leadership & Management - Motivational Theories
  • Leadership & Management - Maslow's Theory of Need Hierarchy
  • Leadership & Management - Two-Factor Theory
  • Leadership & Management - McClelland's Theory of Needs
  • Leadership & Management - Goal-Setting Theory

Module 6: Organisational Skills

  • Leadership & Management - Organising Daily Work, Workplace, Resources & Tools
  • Leadership & Management - Cultivating Organisational Habits

Module 7: Talent Management

  • Leadership & Management - What is Talent Management?
  • Leadership & Management - Benefits of Talent Management
  • Leadership & Management - Talent Management Process & Model
  • Leadership & Management - Building a Talent Management Strategy
  • Leadership & Management - Performance Management
  • Leadership & Management - Objectives & Benefits of Performance Management
  • Leadership & Management - Performance Management Cycle
  • Leadership & Management - Stages of the Performance Management Cycle
  • Leadership & Management - Identifying High Potential Employees
  • Leadership & Management - Understanding Competency

Module 8: Succession Planning

  • Leadership & Management - Defining a Succession Plan
  • Leadership & Management - Importance, Advantages & Characteristics of Succession Plan
  • Leadership & Management - Establishing a Succession Plan

Module 9: Business Process Management

  • Leadership & Management - Definition of Business Process Management
  • Leadership & Management - What Business Process Management is Not
  • Leadership & Management - How to Create a Successful BPM
  • Leadership & Management - Types of Business Process Management System
  • Leadership & Management - Business Process Management Lifecycle
  • Leadership & Management - Design, Modelling, Execution, Monitoring, Optimising Phases
  • Leadership & Management - Benefits of Business Process Management

Module 10: Communication Skills

  • Leadership & Management - Effective Listening Skills
  • Leadership & Management - Verbal Communication
  • Leadership & Management - Non-Verbal Communication
  • Leadership & Management - Body Language in Communication
  • Leadership & Management - Communication Strategies
  • Leadership & Management - Benefits of Leadership Communication

Module 11: Negotiation Techniques

  • Leadership & Management - Basic Types of Negotiations
  • Leadership & Management - Phases of Negotiation
  • Leadership & Management - Negotiation Techniques
  • Leadership & Management - Strategies for Identifying Mutual Gain
  • Leadership & Management - Effective Negotiation Practise
  • Leadership & Management - Negotiation on Behalf of Others

Module 12: Managing Meetings and Giving Feedback

  • Leadership & Management - Meeting Process Cycle
  • Leadership & Management - Purpose, Outcomes, Steps, Capabilities, Feedback
  • Leadership & Management - Purpose and Function in Workgroups and Teams
  • Leadership & Management - Meeting Checklist
  • Leadership & Management - Preparing for, Starting, Advancing & Ending the Meeting
  • Leadership & Management - Following Up

Module 13: Managing Change

  • Leadership & Management - What is Change Management?
  • Leadership & Management - The Change Cycle
  • Leadership & Management - Human Reaction to change
  • Leadership & Management - The Pace of Change
  • Leadership & Management - Adapting to Change

Module 14: Time Management

  • Leadership & Management - Introduction to Time Management
  • Leadership & Management - Aspects of Time Management
  • Leadership & Management - Prioritising the Workload
  • Leadership & Management - Overcoming Procrastination
  • Leadership & Management - Managing Deadlines
  • Leadership & Management - Effective Time Management at the Workplace

Module 15: Stress Management

  • Leadership & Management - Definition & Meaning of Stress
  • Leadership & Management - Understanding Stress & How it Arises?
  • Leadership & Management - Different Strategies to Manage stress
  • Leadership & Management - Tips and Tricks for Stress Management
  • Leadership & Management - Planning and Organisation
  • Leadership & Management - Routine

Module 16: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • Leadership & Management - Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Leadership & Management - Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership & Management - Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Model
  • Leadership & Management - Temperate, Enduring, Fearless, Strong, Passionate, Tenacious & Resilient Leaderships

Module 17: Managing Conflict

  • Leadership & Management - Definition, Benefits & Prevention of Conflict
  • Leadership & Management - Anger Management
  • Leadership & Management - Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Leadership & Management - Research, Presentation & Taking Action

Module 18: Dealing with Office Politics

  • Leadership & Management - New Hires, Interacting and Influencing
  • Leadership & Management - Dealing with Rumours, Gossip, and Half-truths
  • Leadership & Management - Office Personalities & Getting Support for Your Projects
  • Leadership & Management - Conflict Resolution & Ethical Management
  • Leadership & Management - Working Well with Others

Module 19: Risk Management

  • Leadership & Management - What is Risk?
  • Leadership & Management - Nature, Classification & Types of Risks
  • Leadership & Management - Financial Risk & Different Types of Financial Risks
  • Leadership & Management - Definition & Objectives of Risk Management
  • Leadership & Management - Risk Management Process

Module 20: Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

  • Leadership & Management - Ethical Leadership
  • Leadership & Management - CSR
  • Leadership & Management - Business Ethics
  • Leadership & Management - Codes of Business Conduct

Module 21: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Leadership & Management - Microsoft Word
  • Leadership & Management - Microsoft Excel
  • Leadership & Management - Microsoft PowerPoint

Who is this course for?

Is This Diploma in Leadership and Management Right for You?

Anyone interested in learning more about this subject should take this Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7. This Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 will help you grasp the basic concepts as well as develop a thorough understanding of the subject. Also this course is prefect for:

  • Employees who are up for a promotion
  • People who have to manage a team
  • People in charge of businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • This Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 course is also great for companies that are looking to train their employees.

Assessment Process

Once you have completed all the modules in the Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7, your skills and knowledge will be tested with an assignment questions assessment. You have to complete the assignment questions given at the end of the Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 and score a minimum of 60% to pass the exam and to achieve Quality Licence Scheme endorsed certificates.

Our expert trainers will assess your assignment and give you feedback after you submit the assignment.

Certification of Completion Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme

After successfully completing the Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7, you can order an original hardcopy certificate of achievement endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme. The certificate will be home-delivered, with a pricing scheme of —

  • 139 GBP inside the UK
  • 149 GBP (including postal fees) for international delivery

Certification Accredited by CPD & IAO

Upon finishing the Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7, you will receive an accredited certification that is recognised all over the UK and also internationally. The pricing schemes are —

  • 29 GBP for Printed HardCopy Certificate inside the UK
  • 39 GBP for Printed HardCopy Certificate outside the UK (international delivery)


The Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 program does not require any prior knowledge; everyone may participate! This Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 course is open to anyone who is interested in learning from anywhere in the world.

Every student must be over the age of 16 and have a passion for learning and literacy.

This 100% online course can be accessed from any internet-connected device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This Diploma in Leadership and Management at QLS Level 7 course allows you to study at your own speed and grow a quality skillset.

Career path

A good leader is valued everywhere. This course will help you when applying for positions like:

  • Manager - Average Salary £41,683 Per Annum
  • Team leader - Average Salary £31,051 Per Annum
  • Supervisor - Average Salary £25,959 Per Annum
  • Assistant Manager - Average Salary £32,590 Per Annum

The certification you get will also help you in getting promoted at your workplace. Enrol now to get started.

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