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Leadership Management & Team Leader - Level 7 Advanced Diploma

by Academy for Health & Fitness

Course overview

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Strong leaders are the foundation of any successful business. A Leader can make or break a team, so enhancing or solidifying your leadership skills is crucial to being the best leader you can be.

Around 49% of all employees in the UK at some point quit their jobs because of their lack of Leadership and management. With step-by-step instructions from our Leadership & Management Level 7 Advance Diploma, you will avoid all the mistakes that most managers/ leaders make and become an ideal leader who inspires, motivates & achieves goals by properly managing employees.

This Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management at QLS Level 7 course is endorsed by The Quality Licence Scheme & Accredited by CPD (with 250 CPD points) to make your skill development & career progression more accessible than ever!

The Leadership & Management Level 7 Advanced Diploma Offers the Following Courses with Free Certificate:

  • Course 01: Strategic Business Management
  • Course 02: Financial Management
  • Course 03: Diploma in Performance Analysis
  • Course 04: Unconscious Bias Training
  • Course 05: Decision-Making in High-Stress Situations

In this Leadership Management & Team Leader Level 7 Advanced Diploma Training Programme, you learn about different Leadership Management styles & which one will suit you best. You find out how to create a high-performance team that can always get things done, along with detailed lessons on managing office politics, negotiating, communicating, succession planning & much more.

Learning Outcomes of This Leadership Management & Team Leader Level 7 Advanced Diploma Course:

The learning objectives for this Leadership Management & Team Leader Level 7 Advanced Diploma Training course are broken down in detail below. After finishing the course, you will:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and significance of leadership management.
  • Explore key leadership theories and their applicability in organizational settings.
  • Enhance leadership performance through evaluation and actionable strategies.
  • Build, nurture, and sustain high-performing team dynamics.
  • Master strategies to motivate employees and boost morale.
  • Develop organizational skills crucial for effective leadership management.
  • Learn to identify, acquire, and integrate top talent effectively.
  • Design and implement strategic succession planning initiatives.
  • Optimize business processes for efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhance communication skills tailored for leadership roles.
  • Acquire effective negotiation techniques for leadership scenarios.
  • Utilize Microsoft Office tools for effective leadership management tasks.
  • Optimize time management for leadership effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Navigate office politics while maintaining professional integrity and much more

Why Prefer Our Leadership Management & Team Leader Level 7 Advanced Diploma Course?

  • Level 7 Quality Licence Scheme Endorsed
  • CPD Certified Course
  • Free e-Certificates and Student ID Card
  • Innovative and engaging content
  • Free Assessments
  • 24/7 Exper Tutor Support

Student Testimonials - What Our Students Say!

★★★★★ ''An excellent and insightful course on Leadership and Management. The course is well-structured and engaging. Two thumbs up :)''
Reviewed by LOUIS BOBB

★★★★★ ''Lots of good in-depth knowledge, easily accessible, well structured and clearly set out. A joy to work with.''
Reviewed by Kevin Reid

★★★★★ ''Great contents. I will highly recommend it.''
Reviewed by Stephen Oparah

So enrol now in this Leadership Management & Team Leader course today to Advance your career!

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