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Who is your Coach and Mentor, Clare Cairns?

Public Speaking Without Fear

by Acting Out Drama School

Course overview

Do you look at other people speaking in public with confidence and charisma and wonder what their secret is?

Do you wish you were more confident, more engaging and more authentic?

If you want to overcome your fear of public speaking and deliver powerful presentations, then this will be one of the most important things you'll ever do because...

You're about to discover the quickest and easiest way to become a captivating, audience-winning speaker without spending a fortune!

You can instantly:

  • Overcome presentation anxiety and fear
  • Learn how to use top secret acting methods designed specifically to keep actors relaxed (and sane) during high pressured filming days or long theatre runs

  • Discover how to connect with your audience and inspire them to make powerful and compelling offers that sell your product or share your ideas

  • Uncover hidden acting tips that help you boost your stage presence to make important people notice you and WANT to engage with you

  • Create and structure your presentations around your unique speaking style so you always feel confident and positive and feel like you DESERVE to be there!

  • Practise performing techniques that get you to "act the part" and "step up to the challenge" so you can get the results you want.... whether that's impressing your boss, facilitating the best workshop of your life or making sure you and your product are IRRESISTIBLE!

Public Speaking Without Fear is so much more than just a "public speaking course", it's a collection of all the secret acting tips that REALLY WORK for speakers.

  • You'll get the Public Speaking Blueprint you need to become a successful, confident speaker, fast!

  • You'll STAND OUT, so you are the only viable choice, candidate or service

  • You'll know how to effortlessly prepare and deliver FIRST CLASS presentations without sweating, shaking or losing sleep

  • You'll start experiencing the joy of POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT with your audience

  • You'll be able to turn your bland story into a POWERFUL MESSAGE

  • Experience the secret of positive confidence and STAR QUALITY stage presence that inspires your audience and gets them buzzing about you!

You'll have all the training you need to become a confident, head-turning and memorable speaker!

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