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Acting Out Drama School

About us

Acting Out is a Leading Drama & Public Speaking School in Scotland.

Each year we provide 1000s of individuals, world class organisations and elite universities the opportunity to train, develop, explore and expand their acting, directing and public speaking skills.

We have a wide variety of Public Speaking Courses, Acting Courses and Directing Courses both online and in-person.

From early 20s to retired professionals, we coach all adults, many of whom become professional performers, speakers and directors.

In 2019, we set up The Professional Performance Association (The PPA Club). This is an online hub where members of all backgrounds, professions and budgets can up-skill, gain support and guidance from the world's leading experts in public speaking and performing arts. When enrolling onto a course with us through Reed, you get the chance to be apart of this.

Why choose us

“Public Speaking Without Fear was transformational. I was in a position where I needed to put together and deliver a powerful presentation to a large group, fast. This program helped me go from terrified, to speaking on the spot with confidence and impact!” - Jane Copeland, CEO, Business Made Beautiful Academy (Australia)

“I can wholeheartedly recommend 'Public Speaking without Fear' program to anyone who wants to become a successful and confident public speaker! I work in sales at LinkedIn and the majority of my job is speaking confidently to clients and peers. Clare's course provided practical steps to help me hone in on my craft to deliver empowering and engaging presentations that made me stand out from the crowd at work and most importantly have a meaningful impact on my bottom line. Furthermore Clare's energy, passion and knowledge is what makes this course super engaging and fun. You'll certainly finish it on a high!” - Laura White, Account Director, LinkedIn (London)

"Speaking in public is nothing new for me but with a brand new US tour coming up, I needed to up-skill and have a new edge. This program was transformational! In only 7 days my performance was better! But the real benefit was when I met with booking agents and the press. The right things to say just flowed through me and my tour was a HUGE success! I've been booked out ever since!” - Ruby Trix, International Burlesque Star (UK & US)

“Thank you very much for your brilliant training - it was a really enjoyable, enlightening, positive and fun experience. My presentation went really well. One of the things I really noticed about myself was how much I was looking forward to speaking, instead of the usual dread. The training has even helped me talk to colleagues and managers with more confidence” - Moira Willis, Council Manager (Scotland)

“I created an online gaming software that I had no idea how to pitch or sell. I didn't have the confidence to attend a course so I tried online. This program really helped me develop skills that I needed and had never even considered before. It gave me confidence to attend a few small seminars, where I took Clare's advice and got stuck in. I started small and now I am presenting to larger audience and selling my software.” - Neil Davis, System Developer (US)

Acting Out Drama School provide expert coaching from World Class Directors & Speakers. We are affiliated with a number of Educational Awarding Bodies and Organisations all over the UK (including Education Scotland, PLFind and Trinity College London). We work with Elite Universities, World Class Organisations & Small Businesses to keep speaking, presenting and performing easy, accessible and enjoyable for all.