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Introduction to Eagle CAD Environment

Complete Eagle CAD PCB Design: Theory and Practical approach

by Swarna Institute of Technology

Course overview

PCB Design and electronics circuit are basements for all type of electronics products. PCBs are derived from the analog and digital circuits which are prepared according to the application required. Printed circuit boards are the main pillars of the Electronics world. Every Electronics products has PCB inside it, from consumer gadgets like computers, smart phones and gaming consoles to industry and even high-tech products.

The key points are...

  • You will learn Basic Electronics Theory, Circuit Design and Analysis, Basics of Printed Circuit Board, Electronic Components and Instruments. Study notes given.
  • You will work on Printed Circuit Board Layout Design such as Schematic creation, Library Creation: Electronic Symbol and Package (Footprint Creation) Designing.
  • Switching schematic to Board Design (Netlist Creation), Thorough knowledge on Constraint Management Settings, Board Shape Creation (DXF import included) & DRC.
  • Work on Single sided Board Design, Double sided Board Design, Via creation and application. Routing on Top and Bottom Layer includes enough practice modules.
  • Plan Creation of Power and Ground. Also Split Plan Creation. Design Rule Checking and DRC updates. Work on Artwork. Setting up all required film layer setups.
  • Gerber Generation and Gerber analysis and improvements. PCB Manufacturing overview.

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