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C# Restful API on Web API .Net Core with MsSQL & EF Core

C# Restful API on Web API .Net Core with MsSQL & EF Core

by Oak Academy

Course overview

C# RestFul Web API on .Net Core Web API with using Postman and in Real Project with MsSQL and Entity Framework Core(EF Core)


Welcome to C# RESTFUL API on Web API .Net Core with MsSQL & EF Core.

C# RestFul Web API on .Net Core Web API with using Postman and in Real Project with MsSQL and Entity Framework Core(EF Core)

Finally, our Web API course is ready for you. A lot of students want an API course to use API projects on .Net Core.

Before starting, I want to explain that this course is a part of big training. I can tell this part is the most important part that we will use in following training in an online ticket project, a web project, and in all mobile versions as well made in Xamarin, Flutter, Java Android, Angular, Node.js, React Native, and Vue Native. For developers who have no knowledge about the API, I preferred to explain the basics of the API in this section basically. However, in the following sections, we will learn to use JSON web tokens and we will apply JSON Web Token in more complex projects.

This course will give you everything that you will need to start Web API project’s on .Net Core. Before starting this course, you should know that you need to have basic C# knowledge. With this course, you will learn API concepts with .Net core and you will make more practice on C# programming. And as you know with C# programming you may use Xamarin Forms to build cross-platform mobile apps or design a new video game in Unity.

We will start our training with answers to what the Web API is. Then we will examine the most useful concepts as Rest and SOAP. We will learn the differences between SOAP and RESTFul.

In .Net core programming, EF core is very important to make crud SQL operations. In this course, you will learn to use EF Core with code first approach on a project that you can use in any project.

After EF core, you will meet HTTP concepts or you will get more information about HTTP Concepts. For example, you will learn the meaning of HTTP status code that you may always see in any project like 404 status code as not found. In this course, you can find all necessary information about the crud operation of API with HTTP methods as Get. Post, Put, Delete, or Patch.

Postman is one of the most popular software testing tools which is used for API testing. With the help of this tool, developers can easily create, test, share, and document APIs. And in my opinion, if you work on APIs, the postman is the best app for you. This means in this course you can also learn using Postman.

In most training trainers prefer to show API results only with the postman. But in this course, you will also learn to consume an API. This explanation may be too complicated for you. Simply, in this course first, we will create an API project as Back-End. After that, we will create another project in which we will consume our source as Front-End. As you know .net framework works only on windows platforms but .net core is a cross-platform framework which means with .Net core you may use the other platforms. This means you can share your API with any projects on any platform.

In this training, you can also learn to use any API to consume like news API to get global news to your project. And in any project, you may see that login with Facebook or Google. This means you can learn facebook or google authentication. Also, we will learn to consume API projects in a WPF core project.

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C# RESTFUL API on Web API .Net Core with MsSQL & EF Core course

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