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How to become a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer
avg. starting salary

Consider yourself a bit of a gym junkie? If you have a genuine passion for health and fitness and want to turn this into a career, then becoming a Personal Trainer could be the perfect move for you. The main role of a Personal Trainer is to provide support and guidance to clients, helping them identify achievable targets, and plan individual fitness regimes enabling them to meet their goals. Key duties will also include:
  • Helping clients set personal goals, motivating them to achieve and adapting to their individual needs
  • Monitoring equipment and ensuring it is being used correctly
  • Running one-on-one sessions with clients, or overseeing group exercises when required
  • Keeping up-to-date the latest fitness developments and innovations, ensuring that clients are always given the best guidance and advice
  • Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle

Fundamentally, you must enjoy personal fitness. If you’re sweating in panic at the thought of stepping on the treadmill, this career may not be for you. If you’re still interested, the most vital skill for any Personal Trainer is a motivational personality. You will need to remain patient and supportive at all times, encouraging clients to succeed. You will also be well organised, and able to keep training schedules varied and exciting. Other key skills include:
  • An outgoing and enthusiastic personality
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent listening skills, able to adapt to the needs of the clients at all times, and handle any objections during training
  • Patience
  • An in-depth understanding of physiology and the human body, as well as the impact of different diets and other lifestyle factors


Personal Trainer

Up to £24,000

Specialist Fitness Coach

Up to £30,000

Gym/Club Manager

Up to £40,000

"For as long as I can remember I’ve always played sports, and my passion for fitness has only increased over time. Working as a personal trainer means that I can keep fit, but also motivate others to do the same. The hours can be pretty long, but seeing someone reach their goals after a well-planned fitness regime makes it all worth it"

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