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How to become a Lecturer

avg. starting salary

Looking for a career in a classroom? You should become a Lecturer… Lecturers provide course materials, guidance, and learning activities to students who are studying the subject they specialise in. They’re based at universities or higher education institutions – and teaching methods will usually include a combination of lectures, seminars, tutorials, and practical demonstrations (many of which are shared electronically). To ensure what they teach is accurate and up-to-date – Lecturers are also required to carry out a range of research, preparation, and administrative duties. Many will even write and publish their own papers for academic journals. Typical duties for a Lecturer could include:
  • Researching subject area in line with course criteria
  • Carrying out a range of administrative duties
  • Preparing and organising teaching materials
  • Delivering lectures, seminars, and other forms of teaching
  • Carrying out one-on-one sessions with students
  • Grading work and providing feedback
  • Attending conferences, seminars, and staff meetings

Aside from a genuine interest and expertise in your chosen subject, an aspiring Lecturer will also need to be an excellent teacher with an ability to present knowledge and ideas enthusiastically. You should also be entertaining and engaging – something which isn’t always easy, especially if your subject is a little on the dry side (sorry, accountancy and finance students). Additionally, you’ll need to have a constant desire to research and expand on what you know, which will allow you to provide the most helpful (and relevant) information to students. A Lecturer will also need to be:
  • An excellent presenter
  • An effective communicator
  • Confident
  • Flexible
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Organised


Entry-level Lecturer

Up to £32,000


Up to £45,000

Senior Lecturer

Up to £60,000

"Being a Lecturer combines my two favourite things: learning and teaching. And although it might seem like delivering lectures is all we do – there’s a lot more to it than that. Aside from providing students with engaging content (not boring the students is key), I’m also responsible for encouraging their overall development. Everyone learns in different ways – so it’s important to understand that when teaching. The role additionally involves general admin and planning, alongside practical research in my chosen subject area. Not only does this inform what and how I teach, it also provides insight for my own papers that eventually become published pieces of work."

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