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How to become a Tutor

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Looking to share your wisdom? You should become a Tutor… Tutors work with both children and adults to provide one-on-one support and help with their education. Whether it’s by helping an 11 year old who can’t get to grips with algebra, or teaching an adult how to code – a Tutor’s job is to design and implement personalised methods of teaching that allow students to improve their skills. Tutors are usually self-employed, but they could also work for a company that provides tutoring services. This means that their role may involve travelling to libraries, schools, or students’ homes whenever needed. Typical tasks and duties for a Tutor may include:
  • Assessing each individual’s learning style
  • Researching and recommending learning equipment (e.g. textbooks, software)
  • Designing lesson plans and workshops
  • Marking tests, assignments, and homework
  • Using positive reinforcement to boost students’ confidence
  • Monitoring progress and reporting back to students/teachers/parents

Aside from being an excellent teacher, you’ll also need to be patient, organised, and creative. These skills will not only allow you to organise helpful lesson plans, it’ll also mean you can cater your techniques to an individual’s learning style – especially as many students seeking tutoring aren’t able to reach their full potential through conventional methods. And, because the job is based around communication – great interpersonal skills are vital to engage, motivate, and teach students effectively. To become a Tutor you’ll also need to be:
  • Knowledgeable of the subject you’re looking to teach
  • Adaptable
  • Understanding
  • Able to diffuse tough situations
  • Imaginative
  • Confident

" After studying English at university and helping out fellow students on campus (as well as friends and family), I started to build some experience that allowed me to move on to paid work. Not only is being a Tutor extremely rewarding, it’s also a great way to share my knowledge on something I’m really passionate about. Now, I generally work with primary school students, helping them improve their skills in reading and writing – whether it’s that classroom teaching methods aren’t working for them, or they just need that extra one-on-one support and encouragement to reach their potential. Although there can be some ups and downs (see also: a few tantrums), it’s all worthwhile in the end – especially when you see the great progress a student has made."

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