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How to become a Counsellor

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Are you a great listener? Are you happiest when helping solve peoples problems? Then why not become a Counsellor... Counsellers provide a confidential and empathetic ear to clients, allowing them to discuss and reflect on their feelings. Appointments could broach any subject, from the loss of a loved one to relationship difficulties. Importantly though, a Counsellors role is not to advise, but instead to encourage their clients to come to their own decisions and perhaps understand their problems from a different perspective. Every case will vary, but a typical Counsellor will be responsible for:
  • Building a relationship with each new client
  • Agreeing upon a programme of discussion topics for each session based on their individual needs
  • Steering conversation and asking appropriate questions during appointments so clients share their feelings
  • Building up records for existing clients for future reference
  • Referring clients to other professionals such as doctors or psychiatrists if necessary

To be successful as a Counsellor, you will need to be thoughtful, discreet and possess a genuine love for helping with people overcome their problems. Also, as the information you hear will generally be of a senstive nature, the ability to build trust will be essential. A good Counsellor will be:
    • Good at making people feel relaxed
    • Extremely patient
    • Comfortable dealing with all kinds of problems and people from all walks of life
    • Able to challenge clients' statements but also appear non-confrontational
    • Non-judgemental

"I love being a Counsellor because I'm helping people every day to become the person they really want to be. I am able to show clients that they should be treated with respect and how they have the resources and resilience to overcome even the most enormous emotional hurdles. The human mind is also endlessly fascinating. It can be difficult to see clients in turmoil, but the advantages definitely outweigh the drawbacks."

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