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British Cleaning Certification Award (BCCA) - Certified by CPD

Whether you want to start your own successful cleaning business or you want to improve your career prospects within the company you currently work for, you will find that the British Cleaning Certificate Award can be a useful step in the right direction.

Introduction to the British Cleaning Certification Award (BCCA)

This industry recognised certification includes twenty six information packed modules that you can learn at your own pace in your own space. This online training takes approximately ten hours to complete with online support that you can rely on and trust.

The course covers the essential things you need to know to boost your career within the British cleaning industry. It provides you with the ability to improve your earning potential.

What You Will Learn

The twenty six modules are overflowing with valuable information that you can use in your cleaning career, this includes:

  • Understand the cleaning industry from career prospects to starting your own cleaning business.
  • Know the different types of cleaning jobs from domestic cleaning to commercial and industrial cleaning. Identify whether it is worthwhile to work for someone or own your own cleaning business.
  • Get to grips with essential cleaning equipment. Know what equipment you will need and how to use it. Also learn how to effectively store cleaning equipment.
  • Learn about chemical safety, including the chemicals you will use on a daily basis. Know the difference between acidic, alkaline and neutral chemicals and what they are used for.
  • Understand the job in detail. This includes working hours, average earnings and working conditions.
  • Learn essential cleaning techniques and expected standards. This includes dusting surfaces, cleaning glass and mirrors, how to clean speciality surfaces and what standards you need to maintain.
  • Know about cleaning products and protective clothing, helping you identify what you should wear to protect your clothes, speciality cleaning products and clothing branding to boost brand visibility.
  • Understand the importance of effective kitchen cleaning. Learn about food safety, how to effectively clean a cooker and a refrigerator and so much more.
  • Identify how to complete commercial kitchen cleaning to the highest standard.
  • Know the best routine to clean a bathroom and toilet area. Learn about the best routines and why you should have colour coded cloths.
  • Understand hospital cleaning from areas you may need to clean to health and safety requirements.
  • Learn how office cleaning differs from residential cleaning and identify various techniques to effectively clean staff toilets.
  • Know what equipment you will need for industrial cleaning, along with the difference between wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners and how to keep safe when cleaning these environments.
  • Identify with green cleaning solutions from homemade cleaning products to steam cleaning and more.
  • Know the reporting procedures. Reporting procedures include regulation reporting, injury and disease reporting and get to know what an accident book is.
  • Know what it takes to clean outdoor areas. You will learn about planning, preparation, safety and legal requirements.
  • Learn how to deal with non-categorised waste. You will get to know the different types of waste and how to manage the transfer flow of waste to ensure cleanliness at all times.
  • Get to know more about working in confined spaces and why and how to conduct a thorough risk assessment before you begin to ensure your safety.
  • Learn more about running an ironing service and what this entails.
  • Receive valuable information on starting your own cleaning business from what you will need, the benefits and disadvantages and more to help you decide if this is the best choice for you and how to proceed.
  • Learn more about marketing your business, what insurances you will need, tax and more.

Benefits of the British Cleaning Certification Award (BCCA)

  • Improve your career prospects.
  • Improve your earning potential with the knowledge and skills obtained in this course.
  • Show the BCCA logo on your marketing and promotional materials to provide your clients with peace of mind when using your services.
  • Industry recognised certification on completion.
  • Download and print your CPD certificate as and when you need it.

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10 CPD hours / points
Accredited by The CPD Certification Service

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Full Breakdown

Module 1

Finding Your Career: A Job in the Cleaning Corps

Student Objectives

  • To learn why the cleaning sector is a stable business opportunity
  • To learn about the skills you need to become a professional cleaner
  • To learn about the skills you can develop when you become a professional cleaner
  • To learn about the kind of lifestyle you can lead as a professional cleaner
  • Plus much more...

Module 2

The Different Types of Cleaning Jobs

Student Objectives

  • To understand the realm of domestic cleaning
  • To know the difference between commercial cleaning jobs differ and domestic ones
  • To discover how to become a carpet cleaner
  • To understand the tasks and skills necessary for ironing work
  • Plus much more...

Module 3

Cleaning Equipment

Student Objectives

  • To know the equipment you will need for both domestic and commercial equipment required for self-employed, general cleaning work.
  • To know the equipment you will need to clean windows
  • To know the equipment necessary for carpet cleaning
  • To know the equipment necessary or a successful ironing business
  • Plus much more...

Module 4

Chemical Safety and Competence

Student Objectives

  • To learn about the different types of chemicals you encounter in cleaning
  • To learn the difference between acidic alkaline and neutral chemicals
  • To understand safety processes when working with chemicals
  • To learn about safe chemical storage
  • Plus much more...

Module 5

About The Job

Student Objectives

  • To learn about the typical working hours and conditions are for cleaners
  • To understand how much holiday time you can expect to receive
  • To study an example of a typical day as a cleaner
  • To understand what a typical cleaner can earn
  • Plus much more...

Module 6

Meeting Clients and Your Behaviour in Clients’ Homes/ Work Places

Student Objectives

  • To know how to properly present yourself to your clients
  • To understand how to act professionally in a home
  • To understand how to act professionally in a commercial setting
  • To understand how to communicate with your clients verbally
  • Plus much more...

Module 7

Key Holding and Alarm Codes for Cleaners

Student Objectives

  • To understand proper key holding practices for you and potential staff
  • To know how to appropriately use security information such as alarm codes
  • To understand the consequences to your business if the security of your client is breached
  • To know how to go according to protocol in the case that an employee breaches your rules
  • Plus much more...

Module 8

Cleaning Techniques & Standards Expected

It is essential that you know how to best clean every surface / environment that you may encounter. You will learn:

  • How to clean and dust surfaces
  • How to effectively clean glass and mirrors
  • What a specialist surface is and how to clean them
  • What standards you are expected to maintain
  • Plus much more...

Module 9

Cleaning Products & Clothing

By the end of this chapter, you will know:

  • Which clothing you should wear to keep safe
  • What basic cleaning products you will need as a cleaner
  • What specialist equipment you may need for tougher jobs
  • Why you may want to consider branding your clothing
  • Plus much more...

Module 10

Food Kitchen Cleaning

Student Objectives

  • To know how to properly clean a microwave
  • To know the techniques for cleaning an oven
  • To understand the best ways to clean a cooker top, both gas and electric
  • To know how to thoroughly clean a refrigerator
  • Plus much more...

Module 11

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Student Objectives

  • To know how commercial kitchen cleaning differs from domestic
  • To know how to best clean the sinks in commercial kitchens
  • To understand the techniques to clean commercial ovens and steamers, as well as other kitchen equipment such as food trolleys
  • To understand the procedures for cleaning the kitchen sides and preparation areas
  • Plus much more...

Module 12

Bathrooms & Toilets

Student Objectives

  • To learn about you need to professionally clean a toilet
  • To understand the cleaning routine for a bathroom and toilet
  • To understand why you should use colour coded cloths
  • To learn how to unclog drains
  • Plus much more...

Module 13

Hospital / Medical practice Cleaning

Student Objectives

  • To know which areas of the hospital you will be expected to clean
  • To identify the techniques required to clean hospital wards, corridors and toilets
  • To understand the health and safety requirements for hospital cleaners
  • To know how to find hospital cleaner jobs
  • Plus much more...

Module 14

Office Cleaning

Student Objectives

  • To learn how cleaning offices differs from domestic cleaning
  • To learn how to deal with office rubbish
  • To learn how to clean office desks, lifts and vending areas
  • To learn different techniques for cleaning staff toilets
  • Plus much more...

Module 15

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Student Objectives

  • To know what industrial cleaning equipment is available to you as a cleaning professional for the general workplace, or in a commercial kitchen
  • To understand the difference between wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners
  • To know what pieces of equipment do not require electricity
  • To know how to appropriately use industrial cleaning equipment
  • Plus much more...

Module 16

Green & Steam Cleaning

The demand for green cleaning is ever increasing with the greater awareness that people now have for the harm that cleaning chemicals can have on the environment. You will learn:

  • About homemade green cleaning products
  • How to use green cleaning for antibacterial cleaning
  • The most effective uses of steam cleaning
  • About steam cleaning equipment and attachments
  • Plus much more...

Module 17

Pressure Washing & Machine Sweeping

Student Objectives:

  • To learn about pressure washing
  • To learn about different kinds of pressure washers
  • To learn about machine sweeping and floor scrubbers
  • To learn about the legal aspects of using heavy equipment
  • Plus much more...

Module 18

Reporting Procedures

Student Objectives

  • To understand why reporting procedures are important to a cleaning professional
  • To know what regulations you have to be aware of
  • To understand and know about Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations. (RIDDOR)
  • To be able to identify what an accident book is
  • Plus much more...

Module 19

Cleaning External Surfaces/Areas

Student Objectives

  • To know how to optimise your planning for working outside
  • To understand how to prepare a work schedule and information sheet
  • To understand how to properly manage health and safety standards
  • Know the extra safety precautions that must be taken when using pressure washers for commercial purposes
  • Plus much more...

Module 20

Dealing with Non-Routine Waste

Student Objectives

  • To learn about the different categories of waste
  • To learn about the different types of waste containers
  • To learn about the importance of maintaining cleanliness in waste container holding areas
  • To learn about controlling the transfer flow of waste
  • Plus much more...

Module 21

Running An Ironing Service

Student Objectives

  • To be able to articulate what an ironing service entails
  • To know whether you would be best suited working for yourself or someone else
  • To understand how to iron shirts, trousers and skirts properly
  • To know how to get wrinkles out of fabrics
  • Plus much more...

Module 22

Starting Your Own Cleaning Business

Module 23

Marketing A Cleaning Business

Module 24

Taking on Staff

Module 25

Communication Skills and Dealing with Customer Complaints

Module 26

Business Insurance, Equipment & Tax

Who is this course for?

The British Cleaning Certificate is designed for anyone who wants to work as cleaner or start their own business as a cleaner.

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Reed Courses Student Testimonials on our course

Joan Wood - Bolton

Give it a go!

The course was great it gave me the confidence I needed to get out there and start my own business. The British Cleaning certificate , is evidence of the knowledge I have gained by completing the modules.

I have been working now for over a month and I am pleased to say I am doing great. I can recommend the course to any one starting out in the cleaning business . I have taken on board the recommendations and advise given to me by the modules.

It is great value for money. Go on give it a go.

James Marsh - Booth Centre, Manchester

Really friendly, easy to use programme

We used this system to train people who use our day centre. They sat the exam and those that passed received their certificates which they loved. We then published this on peoples CV's to help them find work.

It's a really friendly, easy to use programme which I would recommend.

Gillian Parsons - Gwent

Interesting & Helpful

When starting my own cleaning business I felt I could benefit from a course that would not only help me, but provide certification to show I was competent.

I didn't have time to attend workshops so an easy access online was the only way to go, and when I seen this course online and I went for it. I found the components not only interesting but helpful and fully benefited from the tests in aid to remembering.

I would fully recommend the course to anyone seriously intending to run a cleaning business.


Our Course is fully compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone devices. Now more than ever people are using the internet while on the move so our course has been designed to be fully compatible on tablets and smartphones so you can access your course on wifi, 3G or 4G.

There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace.

All tests are online and are taken either during or after the course, these are included in the price.

Career path

You could move into specialist cleaning, or a more senior managerial or supervisory role.

You could also start your own business.

Questions and answers

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Daizy asked:

Hi I just wanted to know, would i recieve a certificate after this and also could I use your logo on my web site once completed?


Hi Daizy, once you have completed the course you can use the BCCA logo on your website or promotional materials. These can be downloaded from your account.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Carol asked:

How many hours does this course take to complete?


Hi Carol, The course duration depends entirely on the student themselves as you can study as much or little as you want, when you want. You have lifetime access to the course. Hope this helps.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

kyrie asked:

Hi. What happens if you fail? Is it free to keep retesting? Thanks


Hi Kyrie, Yes, that's correct - you can re-take the test as many times as you need to, no additional fees.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Adele asked:

Is this an college course or online and how long does it take to complete


Hi Adele, The course is wholly online. You have lifetime access to the course so you study at your own pace. Hope this helps.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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