For most schools in the UK, today marks the start of the summer holidays. Over the next six weeks, many students will be looking forward to some well-earned time off to relax with family and friends. But, if you’re a student, the summer break is also a great opportunity for you to spend some time […]

It’s one of the most common sporting clichés: 10% of performance is physical and 90% is mental. But, having watched the latest Wimbledon Championships, perhaps there’s an element of truth in that. All of the top 10 women’s seeds crashed out of the tournament in the first week, proving the competition is not just about […]

Imagine facing your biggest leadership challenge at work. You’re under immense pressure, and after months of preparation it’s time for you to deliver.   Now put yourself in Gareth Southgate’s shoes, working under the scrutiny of 24 million people. England’s World Cup match against Colombia this week was an intense two-hour game that ended our […]

How do you get your career off to a flying start after you graduate? This isn’t always easy, the options are many and the competition is fierce. Today, we have over 20,000 graduate roles advertised on, and as more and more companies launch their own graduate programmes finding the right job after finishing university […]

It is a startling fact that in 2018 there is still such a low representation of women in leadership positions – according to Grant Thornton’s recent Women in Business report, this currently stands at just 22% in the UK. What’s more, it’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the technology sector in particular – […]

Everyone seems to know the score… we’ve seen it all before. We’re a likeable bunch of tryers who will put in a shift, but then watch depressed as the organised and efficient Germans prove too much for us. A World Cup prophecy? No, actually… an analysis of European productivity rates. The characteristics of Germany’s first […]

Shocking events provoke powerful emotions. I saw this at first hand last year in the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire. The whole country was deeply affected by the deaths of 72 people in such awful circumstances on June 14, 2017. Raw reactions of fury, bewilderment and shame drove a demand for justice and […]

Last week I went to see the brilliant theatre production Hamilton in London. The cast perform eight shows a week and tickets are sold out months in advance within hours as soon as they are released. Imagine if they cut half of the productions and closed their doors for half the year, it would be […]

This January, 12 of my REED colleagues went to Postalm in Austria to participate in a unique leadership course, our Alpine Leadership Challenge. This is experiential learning with a difference. It takes “going outside of your comfort zone” to a whole new level. We like to call it “learning without limits”. The participants go into […]

I was really pleased to learn at the weekend that REED Scotland won S1 Jobs’ ‘Best Large Recruitment Consultancy’ award for the 6th year in a row. This is what the judges had to say… “One of the challenges facing a national or international recruitment business is ensuring that the values and vision of the […]

When I left school in 1980, TV viewers had a choice of three channels, Brian Clough had just led Nottingham Forest to a second consecutive European Cup, inflation had hit 21.8 per cent and unemployment stood at 2 million – and rising. Fast-forward 38 years: telly addicts have unlimited choice with on-demand entertainment; Forest fans […]

Today I set out three pledges to help encourage the women who work at REED. One: I pledge to introduce talks, seminars and webinars once a quarter, which will be run by successful women, to encourage and inspire the women in the business. Two: I pledge to grow and sustain a female mentoring system to […]