The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge is aiming to raise millions for their participating charities. Let’s support them in their hour of need.

For many workers, the introduction of furlough 2.0 has been a godsend. But if it runs too long, it could become a curse.

We must consider the impact a second lockdown could have on mental health, education, jobs and the economy. 

The country has been hit by six months of uncertainty; however, we must look forward to the ways we can embrace change over the next five years.

Companies that engage in a price war to cut out their competition may well live to regret it. In the end, everyone will be a loser.

Globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered the greatest economic contraction in living memory. Here are five ideas for the economic fight back and to Keep Britain Working.

On Friday, the Chancellor made an announcement outlining the changes to the Job Retention Scheme. Now we need to come together to Keep Britain Working.

At noon today, the Big Give will be launching an emergency match fund to raise money for those who will be affected most by the COVID-19 virus over the coming weeks and months.

This morning we introduced the third and final book in the REED career trilogy, ‘Life’s Work, 12 Proven Ways to Fast-Track Your Career’. Containing 12 Career Commandments and 60 Golden Career Nuggets, it will help make you a little bit luckier in work and in life.

James Reed on the launch of a prize draw to wipe out £50,000 worth of student debt.

“A manager takes instruction and makes it happen, a leader looks at what needs to change and takes people on a journey with them,” said Heather Melville at REED’s latest Women in Leadership event. Heather is Director and Head of Client Experience at PWC and the chairwoman of CMI Women for the Chartered Management Institute. […]

My ‘Little Green Book’ will tell you how… I have always been fascinated by what makes one recruitment consultant successful and another not. It’s no secret that recruitment is a ‘Marmite’ profession – people either seem to love it or hate it. Like baby turtles headed for the sea, only the most determined newly hatched […]