Today is Giving Tuesday.  And at midday the Big Give launched its 10th annual Christmas Challenge fundraising campaign. The Big Give (charity no: 1136547) was set up by Sir Alec Reed, the founder of REED.  The Big Give runs a number of match funding campaigns where philanthropists, companies and foundations offer to double public donations […]

Last week I visited the great trading city of Izmir in Turkey to give a talk at the Chamber of Commerce there about the impact of temporary work and technology on the future of work. At the end of 2016, the Turkish government announced that temporary work would be legalised in Turkey. Having worked in […]

Last week the nation eagerly waited to see if the Chancellor’s little red box contained a trick or a treat – as the Autumn Budget moved from its usual Wednesday slot to Monday to avoid Halloween and the inevitable horror headlines. Bold messages about austerity coming to an end and the continuation of the jobs […]

Attaining a sought-after first-class degree is the ultimate prize which is said to open doors to a bright future – but is this still the case?

This week I have been visiting Reed in Partnership offices as part of the company’s 20th birthday celebrations.

When it comes to career progression and development, never underestimate the power of having a good mentor.

Today marks the start of Prisons Week, a longstanding calendar event that raises awareness of the victims and communities affected by crime, those working in the criminal justice system and their families. It is also a call to action for those of us who can play a part in supporting prisoners and ex-offenders to turn their lives around.

The Apprentice isn’t one of the most popular shows on British television for no reason. Watching candidates make seemingly stupid and obvious mistakes, embarrassing themselves and receiving a dressing down from Lord Sugar all provide gripping entertainment. However, the show has also produced several very successful business people including Mark Wright, who is the only […]

When three-year-old Lily Robinson wrote to staff at Sainsbury’s asking to rename their Tiger bread to Giraffe bread, she probably didn’t expect a reply from such a big firm. But the customer service team who received Lily’s query about why their distinctive bread wasn’t named after giraffes, saw a valuable chance to engage and make […]

When it comes to weighing up the negative impact tech will have and the benefits it will bring, The Governor of the Bank of England may be way off the mark.

A woman executive sits in a boardroom with 15 senior men around the table. One of the men turns to her and half-jokingly asks, ‘Aren’t you a bit intimidated?’ She pauses, looks him straight in the eye, then calmly responds, “You should be intimidated – there are only 15 of you…” It’s a great retort. […]

As summer comes to an end, many of us will begin to experience that looming ‘back to school’ feeling this September. Returning to old routines can be a struggle, particularly if you’ve spent time off on holiday. It’s easy to mourn the end of a season of rest and relaxation that your well-deserved break offered. […]