About us

TrainX believe that people learn from people. For technical training this means that the trainer is not only technically competent and has the relevant certifications but is also an accomplished educator with real-world skills.

For example, our AgilePM® trainer is authorised by APMG to deliver their official training and is an experienced project manager. Similarly our PRINCE2® trainer is endorsed by AXELOS through PeopleCert and has a great breadth and depth of experience.

We encourage you to speak with your trainer as part of your course booking process. This ensures that you'll have made the best choice for your needs and also it lets you have your particular questions answered by the person who will deliver your training.

We look forward to speaking with you and with helping you to achieve your desired certification.

Why choose us

The quality of your course is paramount at TrainX and we utilise the latest in classroom and virtual classroom techniques to ensure effective and enjoyable knowledge transfer. We've over 19 years experience in providing excellent quality technical (Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, plus) and project management certification (PRINCE2®, AgilePM®, plus) training. Our customer base is truly worldwide and includes organisations such as Microsoft, Adobe, Philips and many, many more along with private individuals.

Our aim is to offer you the best quality training AND the widest choice in delivery options including full-time, part-time, evening, weekend, onsite and self-paced courses.

Our trainers are directly available to speak with before the course. We have no sales people nor 'account managers' and instead we provide exceptional quality, low volume training at well below the national provider's list prices.

Here are just some of the unique features of our training:

  • Small class sizes - eight attendees maximum for online events
  • High-end technical environment
  • Plenty of desk space - typically 1400mm plus width desks
  • Speak with our trainer before booking - unique service to ensure you've the right course for your needs
  • In-Person or Virtual only attendees - no inefficient mixing of modalities
  • Exemplary pass rates E.g. 100% for AgilePM (correct at 3/11/2018)