Real Animation Works Limited

About us

About us

All our training are one to one. We believe in one to one training in AutoCAD, 3ds max, Maya, Revit, Photoshop, SketchUp and any other training/tuition platforms to be private rather than in a group of 20 people. We believe professionals can concentrate and are more confident in a private session. We are very flexible in payments, timings and sessions. We try our level best to track ourselves according to the client's availability.

Why choose us

Our Team

Our team is talented and passionate design experts who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and empathy to the Real Animation works teaching environment.


Our Birth

Founded with the focus of fast track one to one training in London combined with professional theory which is more effective than a 2 year theoretical instruction. This unique way of training model has proven to be successful after completing training with more than 100's of professionals allowing them to achieve more in 3 months or less. In 3 to 4 months or less, our clients receive a rigorous and comprehensive tuition including lectures, tutorials, productions, and working with us using their projects and it makes Real Animation Works training perfect for people who need help before or after starting their careers in the entertainment, Film, advertising, interior/exterior and architectural industries.