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PottyTunity Ltd

About us

POTTYTUNITY® is the World's 1st and only One-Stop Potty Training Shop!

From its very humble beginnings (and still very humble), POTTYTUNITY® continues to provide Parents, Carers & Professionals Worldwide, with Potty Training related Products and Services. All of our products are Made by Parents, who genuinely understand the needs and requirements of children worldwide. Our services consist of: Bespoke Consultations, Parent Webinars & Workshops and Professional Courses for those within the Early Years sector.

TEAM POTTYTUNITY® host series of monthly courses, where we deliver lessons, along with full comprehensive advice to professionals who wish to enhance their personal profiles and give them the confidence that they need when it comes to Potty Training babies and toddlers, as well as Safeguarding them within their environments.

We also host group sessions for parents to understand the do’s and don’ts of potty training & how to achieve a less diaper reliant way of Potty Training babies from birth, as well as Toilet Training toddlers. Our non-coercive methods are unique, as we cover all the different stages of Elimination Communication (E.C). and Toddler Toilet Training (T.T.T).

We have a proven track record for our innovative Potty Training products, proven to help effectively solve Potty Training issues and problems that Parents, Carers & Professionals face with the children in their care. We pay attention to detail and our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every one of our customers, providing the highest standard and quality in all that we do and at very competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the families and professionals that we work with, providing 100% success rates!

We are an environmentally conscience, friendly company, with a brand presence that Parents and Children love! As parents ourselves, we feel that it is very important to listen to the voices of other parents, when it comes to what they feel is required in helping aid their children’s Potty Training journey! Our One-Stop-Shop is constantly growing, so join our community of Parents & Professionals, who all share the common goal to help future generations and further encourage environmental stability.


Made by Parents, Loved by Parents.

Why choose us

We GIVEAWAY FREE resources and provide all who attend our workshops & courses with discounts to all of our products and services!


Whether you are an existing practitioner (child minder, nursery worker, nanny, health professional etc...), or an aspiring professional within the Early Years setting (0-5yrs) our courses will further enhance your existing expertise and boost your CV, increasing your employment chances for roles you wish to be hired for! The key skills taught in our courses will increase your confidence when dealing with babies, toddlers and also their parents!

We also have a number of job positions open for potential candidates.



Our interactive workshops are loved by all parents...  Whether you are an expectant mother/father, a first time mum/dad, a grandparent, or parents who have been there before and need a refresher! We encourage fathers to be part of our sessions, as it is important that they are also very much part of the process.  Our training methods will have your child NAPPY FREE in less than a week!

We provide child friendly facilities for all children who attend our workshops with their parents/guardians.