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About us

NEDonBoard, the Institute of Board Members, is the professional membership and development body for non-executive directors and board members.

NEDonBoard is the authoritative platform made by board members for board members.

NEDonBoard provide independent, curated, practical and actionable insights for directors to secure non-executive roles and excel in the boardroom.

NEDonBoard serves executive professionals during their careers at the board level.


The NEDonBoard mission is to accelerate sustainability and development.

NEDonBoard does this by sharing wisdom and insights across generations of board decision-makers. NEDonBoard support board members responsible for the strategic direction of businesses.  NEDonBoard promotes modern and contemporary business governance practices.

NEDonBoard is a membership organisation. NEDonBoard entered the list of the top 100 most influential membership bodies.

The Institute maintains the oversight of the knowledge, skills, conduct, practice of non-executive directors and board members. The Institute is a not-for-profit organisation.

NEDonBoard’s operating pillars are: 

Connection:  NEDonBoard connects businesses and organisations with the community of non-executive directors and board members.

Knowledge:  NEDonBoard serves NEDs, board members, businesses and organisations seeking professional development. We promote contemporary business governance practices.

Authority: NEDonBoard sets practices for effective, strong and modern governance.

Why choose us

NEDonBoard is a respected, established and independent membership organisation.

NEDonBoard is recognised as a professional body and an institute. 


Are you aspiring to the boardroom?

The path to becoming a non-executive director is much more predictable than you might think. With the right tools, guidance and strategies, you will secure interviews and ultimately build a portfolio of NED roles that you will enjoy. Let NEDonBoard provide you with insights and actionable recommendations that will lead you to achieve your objectives and aspirations.


Are you an experienced non-executive directors and board members?

NEDonBoard provides you with relevant and practical information, and connects you with non-executive directors and board members, so you are effective and impactful in the boardroom.


Are you looking for any of the following?

  • Benchmark board practices with boardroom experts, experienced non-executive directors, chairs, SIDs and executive directors
  • Expand your NED portfolio
  • Meet your board-level peers in a safe and enjoyable environment
  • Be up-to-date with boardroom transformation (e.g. ESG, digital, regulation)
  • Contribute to shaping corporate governance practices with the community of non-executive directors and board members
  • Have your voice heard by policymakers
  • Protect yourself in the exercise of your director role
  • Demonstrate how you discharge your duty

If you answer yes to any of the above, join the NEDonBoard community of influential professionals.

NEDonBoard is committed to positive change and supports the NED and board member community to create a positive impact through their work in the boardroom.


Here is what some of our members say about NEDonBoard events and courses

"Excellent course for any aspiring or experienced (non-executive) director who would like to get to grips with, or refresh their knowledge of, directors’ duties and responsibilities in the UK or get up to speed on the corporate governance framework in the UK. Delivered by experts, it contains practical tips and actionable guidance”, LM

“These are great starter modules for any new NED and also a good reminder for those more experienced in the role. Clear and concise overviews of important topics by subject experts. Successful completion of a short online test will provide you with a NEDonBoard course certification – perfect to add to your CV!”, NH

“Thank you for a very beneficial webinar yesterday. I very much appreciate all you are doing to help, guide & support us in our quest”, RM

“Thank you for the session, very enjoyable and engaging, with open discussion on differing views on the topics", NF