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Mark Meyerson

4.7 (8 reviews)

About us

12+ years of experience in the marketing industry, specializing in Paid Search & Analytics.  Mark is a Director and the head of Search Marketing at One Egg Digital.

Mark's main interests and skills are:

- Running OED, a boutique digital marketing agency.

- Marketing strategy & execution consultation for major brands.

- Advanced paid advertising tactics

- Building eComm and affiliate businesses.

- Analytics and machine learning for enhancing marketing output

Why choose us

Boutique digital marketing agency

Some of our student testimonials:

Ron Wiener ''Highly recommend to intermediate users. Mark took numerous deep dives into topics and strategies that I was either only familiar with or wasn't aware of at all. He consistently used comprehensive in-platform walkthrough examples, across what seemed to be nearly a dozen or more real accounts generating real numbers, in a manner that helped me think creatively about my own implementation and critically about the process.''


Arjun Sandhu ''Mark is a thorough expert. I think I've gotten the most value from this course in the shortest time thanks to his clear explaining abilities. I am an advanced Google Ads manager and Mark's course has given me 3-4 pointers that have helped improve my campaigns massively.It can be a little advanced for beginners but is a MUST for advanced Google Ads professionals.''


Jordan Meyers''Thank you so much for the course. The course is straightforward and to the point. There's not a lot of fluff. Everything is practical as far as advice. It isn't for novices, which I like. It is really hard to find any SEM courses that doesn't cater to an introductory level. I usually have to look at Udemy for this because LinkedIn Learning is usually very beginner level. Even then, I find that a lot of courses just cover the basics with a few intermediary modules. This course gives users suggestions they might not have thought of or noticed. Appreciate the insights.''


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