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Last Minute English

About us

Hi! My name is Francis, I'm from the UK, and I'm the founder of Last Minute English.

Last Minute English creates online video courses to help you improve your spoken and written English, with a particular focus on English exams preparation. 

Our current courses include: 

Advanced English Fluency

British English Pronunciation

Advanced English Reading 

IELTS Complete Guide 

Advanced English Grammar

I'm also a keen language learner, and have achieved fluency in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. I live in Manchester with my wife Elizabeth and my dog Keenu. 

Why choose us

We are focused on making your English learning journey as enjoyable as possible. 

That's why all of our courses are interactive. Don't just sit and listen to the recording - get involved and take part in your own journey! 

We are trusted by over 100,000 students worldwide, in 185 countries. 

Join us now and let's achieve your English goals together!