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About us

Ross Maynard lives in Scotland with his wife, daughter and Cocker Spaniel. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK, and director of Ideas2Action Process Excellence Ltd. Ross has 30 years’ experience as a process improvement consultant and facilitator, combining strong analytical skills, with 30 years’ experience of process analysis and improvement, and organisational transformation.

Ross has supported improvement projects with some of the world's leading organisations including Boeing, Rolls Royce, Thermofisher Scientific, Royal Bank of Scotland, Parker Hannifin, Watlow Electric, Bosch, the NHS, and many others. He has spoken at conferences and seminars in the UK, Denmark, Russia, Italy and Australia; and had many articles published in business journals.

As well as process improvement consultancy and facilitation, Ross is a professional author of online business courses, and regularly delivers live webinars for the ACCA and other professional organisations.

Why choose us

We create business focussed courses on performance measurement, management and improvement. Our courses are accessible and well presented, focussing on the key issues that you need to know.