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Financial Smarter

About us

Financial Smarter is a training and recruitment agency that provides innovative mentoring programs to graduates and young professionals looking to build their work experience and skills in the sectors of banking, investment and trading. As part of Financial Smarter offerings, we also extend comprehensive employment assistance to candidates, helping them find work in the said sectors.

The professionals that make up our teams have backgrounds in professional development, recruitment, project management and training and education. Leveraging on our experience and expertise, we at Financial Smarter strive to transform the way graduates and young professionals are gaining relevant work experience in banking, investment and trading. So rather than offering expensive, standalone day training and audio and video courses, we have created flexible, remote and cost-effective programs that combine training, mentoring and employment assistance.

Why choose us

The programs are designed to provide valuable work experience to participants. They encompass disciplines like fund management, commodity trading, stock trading, and investment banking. Financial Smarter arranges a remote placement for participants with one of our partner companies, where they will be provided with comprehensive training and mentoring. Upon completing the program, we further help them by giving them employment assistance that is otherwise hard to access, especially for those who are just entering the job market.

Through these programs, we have helped a number of people launch careers as traders, investors, fund managers and investment bankers. We are also benefitting from these programs by establishing partnerships with other companies and having the opportunity to find brilliant candidates—some of whom are now working for us and our partner companies.

We will continue to deliver quality programs that inspire and encourage others to keep working on their career goals. And through them we hope that we can mould more traders, investors and financial professionals of tomorrow and become the premier source of training and mentoring in the disciplines of banking, investment, and trading.