Courses For Jobs

About us

Courses For Jobs is an approved training provider, accredited by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), also known as Highfield Qualifications, which is one of the UK's exam boards.

Courses For Jobs delivers recognised UK qualifications, and short courses relevant for jobs in leadership, management, health care, social care, business administration, customer service, child care, assessing, and internal quality assurance.

Why choose us

Our qualifications and courses enable learners to get qualified for their next promotion or their next job, or to become experts in their field. 

Learners study at their own pace, with support from a tutor and blended learning support, and can therefore fit their studies around their work and other commitments. 

Our Course Fees are competitive and can be paid in monthly instalments. Our payment plans suit those on a tight budget who do not want to get a loan.

Monthly payments can be by Direct Debit, standing order, or by credit card, whichever suits the learner.