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Centre of Accountancy

About us

Centre of Accountancy Careers & Training specialise in accounting and finance practical training and education. We are a team of Professional Chartered Certified Accountants with years of experience in the industry. In all our courses we combine theory and the practical aspect of accountancy, we teach implementation of all the accounting concepts in real life. Our team have designed the professional training based on actual job positions in accounting and finance industry.

The job market is highly competitive and it is based on experience and lot of candidate struggle to start their career due to lack of practical expertise, skills and experience. Our training programs can provide you a platform where you can learn all the skills while working with industry experts. CAC Training will not only provide you the accountancy training we can also provide you the experience in the field with best recruitment services.

Why choose us

1. Practical Accountancy Training & Work Experience
2. Office based Personalised training sessions with industry professionals
3. Recognised certification
4. Work Placements
5. Flexible timing, you can make your own time table.
6. We are Open 6 Days a Week
7. Professional Experience
8. References from reputed organisation
9. Recruitment services
10. CV consultations
11. Interviews and job hunting
12. Software support and installation
13. ACCA/AAT PER support