AMG Concept Pte Ltd

About us

AMG Concept stands for advanced marketing global concept that is to help companies with advanced marketing strategies to market worldwide. Today, we serve and help companies use digital marketing to improve their businesses.

The founder comes from around 30 years marketing experience, being trainer and have ecommerce business background. Our founder is a strong believer that sales and marketing is an art.

AMG Concept provides useful and powerful tools and solutions that can help marketers reach out to more clients, market their products and services and boost website traffic. We have maintained a good reputation in providing excellent and high quality services to our clients for years.

With the vast knowledge of marketing, entrepreneurship, business, training and ecommerce, we decided to create elearning courses to let more students learn, apply and being successful in their career or business.

The Founder’s Vision

To reach everyone in the world with our e-learning courses, so they can equip themselves with knowledge and pursue the passion in their career or business.

Pave way for a better career or business advancement and have access to many more opportunities in your world.

With all courses extensive and created by the best of trained professionals, you are virtually entering a classroom filled with knowledge, expertise, and skills available to you that can help you aim and achieve higher.

Our award

Best marketing service company 2018 Singapore business award from APC Insider - UK

Why choose us

Our Core Values

1: To be the best online education company providing the best online courses for our students success.

2: We aim to inspire, help grow & provide all the necessary tools for our student’s success worldwide. We believe our student’s success is our success

3: To provide the best customer experience possible wherever you are no matter which country you from.

4: Strive to reach every company or individual, allowing them the ability to create a new business or expand business out of own country.

5: To change students lives for the better and to improve knowledge and skills to next higher level with our elearning courses.

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