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Healthcare Assistant Diploma

CPD Certified Diploma| 40-in-1 Bundle | Basic to Advanced | FREE PDF & Hardcopy Certificate| Learner Tutor Support

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✿ 40 in 1 “Healthcare Assistant” Mega Bundle ✿

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In the UK, the typical salary for a Healthcare Assistant is £23,400 annually or £12 hourly. Starting salaries for beginners are £21,199 annually, with seasoned employees earning up to £30,236 per year.

Begin your journey towards a thriving career by enrolling in the Healthcare Assistant package on our online learning platform with Skill Up. The Healthcare Assistant bundle can enhance your resume, impress prospective employers, and set you apart.

This comprehensive Healthcare Assistant Diploma is tailored to suit the needs of individuals pursuing a career in healthcare, including aspiring Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Solicitors, Nursing Assistants, Support Workers and Caregivers.

Our bundle on "Healthcare Assistant" serves as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path towards mastery in this noble profession. Through comprehensive training and immersive learning experiences, we equip aspiring healthcare assistants with the knowledge and skills to navigate complexities with confidence and compassion. From mastering Medical Terminology to honing patient care techniques, our course offers a transformative learning experience tailored to the unique needs of individuals seeking to excel in the role of a Healthcare Assistant.

In today's fast-paced Healthcare sector, the role of a healthcare assistant is more crucial than ever. As healthcare facilities strive to provide quality care to an increasingly diverse patient population, the demand for skilled Healthcare Assistants continues to grow. Our bundle addresses this demand head-on, empowering learners to become proficient healthcare assistant capable of meeting the challenges of the modern healthcare landscape. Through audiovisual lessons and interactive training, we instil in our students the core principles and practices essential to success as a Healthcare Assistant.

Standout features of this from Skill Up:

  • Level 3 Training Accredited by CPD QS, CiQ, AoHT
  • 40 Free PDF & 1 HARDCOPY Certificate
  • Worldwide accessibility to learning
  • The Course is affordable and simple to utilise
  • Entirely online, interactive lesson with voiceover audio
  • Complete one-year access to the course materials
  • 24/7 Education support

Learning Benefits of Healthcare Assistant Diploma:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of healthcare protocols and procedures.
  • Develop essential skills in patient care and support.
  • Learn effective communication techniques for interacting with patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and ethical standards in healthcare settings.
  • Acquire knowledge of common medical terminology and documentation practices.
  • Master techniques for assisting with daily living activities for patients.
  • Develop proficiency in vital sign monitoring and basic medical procedures.
  • Enhance your problem-solving abilities in diverse healthcare scenarios.
  • Cultivate empathy and compassion in providing holistic care to patients.
  • Gain insight into the role of healthcare assistant within multidisciplinary healthcare teams.


400 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD Quality Standards

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Our Healthcare Assistant diploma training provides comprehensive training for individuals aspiring to embark on a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and skills development, this bundle equips learners with the essential competencies needed to excel in the role of a Healthcare Assistant. Covering a wide range of topics including medical terminology, patient care techniques, and clinical procedures, the curriculum is designed to provide a holistic understanding of the healthcare assistant's responsibilities.

Students will delve into modules that explore the fundamentals of Healthcare Assistant, ethical considerations, and infection control protocols. Through interactive lessons and essential training exercises, learners will develop proficiency in assisting Healthcare Professionals, prioritizing tasks effectively, and responding to emergencies with confidence.

This Healthcare Assistant Bundle consists the following career oriented courses:

Part 1: Basic Health Care

  • ➽ Course 01:HealthCare Assistant
  • ➽ Course 02:Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care
  • ➽ Course 03:The Care Certificate Preparation
  • ➽ Course 04:Public Health
  • ➽ Course 05:End-of-Life Care and Support Diploma
  • ➽ Course 06:Emergency Medical Technician: Ambulance Care Assistant
  • ➽ Course 07:Duty of Candour in Healthcare: Ethical Practices and Legal Obligations
  • ➽ Course 08:Pregnancy Care
  • ➽ Course 09:Communication Skills in Health and Social Care
  • ➽ Course 10:English for Healthcare

Part 2: Nursing & Care

  • ➽ Course 11:Nursing
  • ➽ Course 12:Nursing Assistance
  • ➽ Course 13:Adult Patient Nursing
  • ➽ Course 14:Medical Terminology
  • ➽ Course 15:Medical Writing
  • ➽ Course 16:Clinical Coding Training: Develop Inpatient DRG
  • ➽ Course 17:Observation Skills for Carers
  • ➽ Course 18:Phlebotomy
  • ➽ Course 19:Practice Nurse & Infection Control Training
  • ➽ Course 20:EDI in Adult Care

Part 3: Care Home & Caregiver

  • ➽ Course 21:Health Science Diploma
  • ➽ Course 22:Community Care Worker
  • ➽ Course 23:Caregiver - Diploma in Caregiving
  • ➽ Course 24:Disability Assessor Training
  • ➽ Course 25:Mandatory Training For Care Assistants & Care Staff
  • ➽ Course 26:Community Health Worker Initial Certification
  • ➽ Course 27:Inclusive Communities: Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training
  • ➽ Course 28:Team Leader in Health Care

Part 4: Mental Health & Safeguarding

  • ➽ Course 29:Mental Health Awareness Course Online
  • ➽ Course 30:Mental Health and Psychiatry Training
  • ➽ Course 31:Mental Health Support Worker
  • ➽ Course 32:Mental Health First Aid Certification
  • ➽ Course 33:Diploma in Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • ➽ Course 34:Safeguarding and Counselling
  • ➽ Course 35:Learning Disability Nursing Training
  • ➽ Course 36:Dementia Care(Attitudes, Awareness and Prevention)

Part 5: Child Care & Protection

  • ➽ Course 37:GDPR
  • ➽ Course 38:Consent in Healthcare
  • ➽ Course 39:Family Support Worker Course
  • ➽ Course 40:CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)


After completing all the modules of the Healthcare Assistant bundle, your learning will be assessed by an assignment or multiple-choice-based exam. You may choose to participate in a Mock Exam before attending the Healthcare Assistant bundle completion Final Exam at no extra cost.

Who is this course for?

Everyone will get benefit from this Healthcare bundle, but those wishing to begin a career as a Healthcare Assistant will find it to be particularly helpful. Additionally, the courses contain a lot of useful information for workers who are already employed in the associated field.

  • Individuals aspiring to pursue a career as a healthcare assistant.
  • Healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Students interested in exploring opportunities in the healthcare sector.
  • Career changers looking for a rewarding and meaningful profession.
  • Anyone passionate about making a positive impact on the well-being of others.

Please Note That: This course does not qualify you to work as a professional in this specific sector. Instead, this course will assist you in understanding the fundamentals of Healthcare Assistant so that you can improve your knowledge in the relevant field.


Since no prior knowledge or experience is required.

Take your time to finish this Healthcare Assistant diploma, and there is no deadline for the bundle.

Career path

In-depth knowledge of this Healthcare Assistant bundle will allow you to apply for a job in the relevant field with confidence.

  • Healthcare Assistant: £18,000 - £25,000 per year
  • Nursing Assistant: £20,000 - £28,000 per year
  • Medical Secretary: £22,000 - £30,000 per year
  • Home Care Assistant: £17,000 - £22,000 per year
  • Phlebotomist: £20,000 - £27,000 per year
  • Ward Clerk: £18,000 - £24,000 per year

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simon asked:

Is this certificated?


Hello Simon, Yes, you will receive a completion certificate upon completing the course.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
andrea asked:

Are you able to buy this course but do an hour at a time due to work commitments or do you need to enrol and complete at straight away.


Dear Andrea, Thank you for your question. You will have 1-year access to this course from the purchasing day. You can complete the course at your convenient time during this time period. Thanks.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Emily asked:

How long would I get to complete this course?


Hello Emily, The duration of the course is 9 hours. Thank you!

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Queen Ademilua asked:

How much is the certificate after course completion


Hello Queen, You can get the Course Completion Certificate from Skill Up at a very minimum spending. PDF Certificate is available only for £6.99 (Previously £7.99) only and Hard Copy Certificate can be taken only for £9.99 (Previously £12.99). You can also take both PDF & Hard Copy Certificate for £14.99 only. Have a good day. Thank you.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Sylvia asked:

How is this course examined


Hello Sylvia, There will be either an online MCQ test or a written assignment which you can take either during or after the course. Have a good day. Thank you.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Hadya asked:

Hello, this course advertised that certificate is free, why do I need to pay for certificate after completion?


Dear Hadya, You will receive a free CPD Accredited Hard Copy certificate just for the Title course. The CPD Accredited Hard Copy certificate for additional courses can be ordered separately for £9.99 per copy. The delivery fee for the hardcopy certificates, however, is free for UK residents, whereas it costs £10 for international students as a delivery charge.

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Millicent Sefakor asked:

How can I sign up for this course


Dear Millicent, You can add the course to your basket and go to your cart to proceed with the payment to get enrolled on the course.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
zuwelatu ozimede salisu asked:

please, can it be done by 2 hours in everyday


Hello Zuwelatu, This is a self-paced course. You will have 24/7 access to the course content and you can do it at your convenient time.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Olie asked:

How ling does it take to get my PDF certificate after completion and payment because it's been more than 24hours since I have made my payment?


Hello Olie, The certificate have already been sent to your email. Please check the inbox.

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quelline keng asked:

Do you pay for certificate separately?


Hello Quelline, Yes, you are required to pay for the certificate separately.

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Douglas asked:

Please how many certificate will I get for free and which particular I'm I buying if I want to


Dear Douglas, I hope you are well. This bundle includes eight courses, and you will receive the PDF certificate for free for all of them. You can opt to buy the hardcopy certificate and the transcript. Thanks

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Abena asked:

Can i use this certificate to apply for Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership


Dear Abena, This course is designed for personal training and development. It does not provide any formal qualifications. But you can use the certificate in applying for the relevant jobs by adding it to your CV.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Andrew asked:

What is passing grade of this course


Hi Andrew, Good Afternoon. Learners must obtain at least 60% marks in order to pass.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Sultan asked:

if i purchase this diploma course so will I get a certificate for all 4 corses,whether paid or free and I will be grateful if you answer me ASAP .


Hi Sultan, Good Afternoon. Yes, you will obtain 4 PDF certificates and 1 hardcopy certificate only for the title course for free. For the other hardcopy certificates, you can pay £9.99 each to order them on the learning platform.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Sultan asked:

Will I get a certificate in the extra 3 courses?


Dear Sultan, Good Afternoon. You will receive the PDF one for free, however, for the hardcopies, you need to make additional payments.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Chinenye asked:

Can I get a job as HCA with the certificate of completion issued? How acceptable is the certificate in UK HCA labour market? Thanks


Dear Chinenye, This course is accredited by the CPD which is well-recognised around the world. It is developed for personal skill enhancement. You can add the course certification to your CV and apply for the relevant jobs. However, we can not assure you whether you will be able to get the job or not, as it entirely depends on the employer.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Cecilia Oluwakemi Musa asked:

1. I am in Nigeria, can I pay with my naira debit card? 2. Does the £12 includes PDF certificates?


Dear Cecilia, You can pay for the course using the debit or visa card that is endorsed for making international transactions. You will also get a free digital CPD certificate on course completion.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Sparkle asked:

Is this course accredited and with who


Dear Learner, The course is accredited by CPD.

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Malou Reyes asked:

Is the course open to people living outside London?


Dear Malou, This is an online course and anyone from anywhere in the world can enrol in the course.

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Hello Adesina, Please click on the "Add to basket" button and then click on the "Review basket and checkout" button to purchase and register for the course.

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Elizabeth asked:

Is it possible for me to take this course because it’s level 4 or I have to start from level 1 because I’m a newbie…


Hello Elizabeth, The course is open to all with no formal entry requirements. You need no previous experiences in order to do the course. You will learn everything needed from the course directly.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.
Anne asked:

Hello, I would like to take this course, how do I access it, and how do I pay?


Hello Anne, Please click on the "Add to basket" button and then click on the "Review basket and checkout" button to purchase the course. After purchasing the course, you will receive an email with the login credentials with which you can access the course.

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Mojisola asked:

Pls, am interested in this course how do i Apply


Dear Mojisola, Thank you for your query. You can just purchase the course from the course page and start it upon receiving the course access.

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Digital certificate

Digital certificate - Included

This Healthcare Assistant Bundle comes with FREE CPD Accredited PDF certificates, making this bundle an excellent value for money.

Hard copy certificate

Hard copy certificate - £9.99

Get CPD Accredited Hard Copy certificate for £9.99 per copy. The delivery fee for the Hard Copy certificate, however, is free for UK residents, whereas it costs £10 for international students as delivery charge.


Course rating


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