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Teachme Productions – ‘Conversational Spanish made easy’

- Covers the most commonly used vocabulary and phrases

- Test your listening and writing skills as you go

- Conversation scenarios cover 6 different Spanish speaking countries

- Direct access to your tutor for questions to expand on any of the topics covered

Kirsten Hammes – ‘Easy introduction to French – Everything you need for complete beginners’

- Get rid of any fear or embarrassment about speaking French

- Pick up tips and tricks to make learning French a piece of cake

- Remember the rules that underpin the French language

- You will be able to ask questions in French, and to make yes and no statements

Kirsten Hammes – ‘Conversation German Made Easy’

- Close-up photos and videos of every letter in the German alphabet to help you practice saying them at home

- Easy explanations that don't confuse you with a lot of phonetic words or complex diagrams

- Interesting examples and a special lecture on dialects to help you understand German speakers from anywhere


Teachme Productions – ‘Conversational Spanish made easy’

This course covers conversational Spanish that you can use in everyday real life situations, both at home and whilst travelling abroad.

Builds confidence in asking and following directions, ordering food at a restaurant, travelling by public transport. Don’t worry about paying the right amount for things or booking your hotel room.

First the course covers the key, targeted vocabulary and you will follow real life conversations between two or more Spanish speakers. Then you will be able to test your own Spanish abilities with modular assessments and practice time videos.

Kirsten Hammes – ‘Easy introduction to French – Everything you need for complete beginners’

This course is for complete beginners, or for people who have forgotten everything they learned back in school!

Learn how to speak beautiful and grammatically correct French so that you can be easily understood on your holidays or speaking to French people. Every lecture is accompanied with easy explanations in English.

Stop making those silly English errors, and take this easy introduction with a friendly, informal tutor.

Kirsten Hammes – ‘Conversational German made Easy’

No matter if you are a brand new German learner or already tackling words like Hochhausbaugesellschaftsweihnachtsfeier, you feel like it's time to master that pronunciation. This course will help you master every sound in the German alphabet and polish your spoken language so that you can talk with confidence.

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