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Healthcare Assistant with Patient Care, Adult Care & Safeguarding - CPD Certified

Legal and Ethical Aspects | NHS Record Management | Care Certificate | Hygiene and Infection Control

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  • CPDQE Certificate on Healthcare Assistant with Patient Care, Adult Care & Safeguarding - Free
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Healthcare Assistant with Patient Care, Adult Care & Safeguarding

According to studies, Healthcare Assistants make up 12% of the healthcare workforce. Recent data indicates that the UK's demand for Healthcare Assistants is on a steady rise, with the healthcare sector acknowledging their pivotal role in patient care.

Our course, tailored for the modern Healthcare Assistant, equips you with the latest knowledge and skills. Enhance your role as a Healthcare Assistant by mastering a wide range of subjects—from work settings and legal and ethical frameworks to specialised patient care skills.

You'll also become adept at Healthcare Assistant-specific records management, infection control, and patient mobility, along with critical health monitoring techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyse and adapt to the diverse roles and responsibilities of a Healthcare Assistant.
  • Evaluate and implement best practices in various Healthcare Assistant settings.
  • Synthesise and apply ethical standards and legal regulations as a Healthcare Assistant.
  • Critique and refine communication techniques tailored for a Healthcare Assistant.
  • Assess and enhance patient care skills vital for a Healthcare Assistant.
  • Comprehend various work settings, essential for effective Healthcare Assistant roles.
  • Attain proficiency in records management and infection control, key Healthcare Assistant functions.
  • Hone skills in patient mobility and health monitoring, integral to Healthcare Assistant responsibilities.
  • Develop patient care expertise, vital for Healthcare Assistant success.
  • Gain specialised knowledge in Grief Care and Counselling and Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults, expanding your Healthcare Assistant competencies.

This Healthcare Assistant Bundle Includes the following courses:

  • Course 01: Healthcare Assistant
  • Course 02: Care Certificate Standards (1 to 15)
  • Course 03: Bereavement & Grief Care
  • Course 04: Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

CPDQE Accreditation:

This Healthcare Assistant with Patient Care, Adult Care & Safeguarding Course is CPDQE accredited. CPD is a globally recognised parameter for continuous professional development acknowledged by thousands of professional bodies, employers and academic institutions in the UK and around the world.

Dual Certificates

After completing this course on Healthcare Assistant, you will receive a course completion certificate from Reed. Also, you will receive a CPDQE-accredited signed certificate from SkillArts.

Student Testimonials on Our Healthcare Assistant Course!

★★★★★ its been quite enlightening, and giving insight to what is needed to be a better healthcare assistant Reviewed by Ismail Idowu

★★★★★ Informative Reviewed by Febin Fredinant

★★★★★ great Reviewed by Daniel Umeania

★★★★★ Excellent Reviewed by Jennifer Kettyles


CPDQE Certificate on Healthcare Assistant with Patient Care, Adult Care & Safeguarding

Digital certificate - Included

Reed Courses Certificate of Completion

Digital certificate - Included

Will be downloadable when all lectures have been completed.


7h 42m
    • 4: Healthcare Assistant: Work Settings 11:00 PDF
    • 5: Healthcare Assistant: Legal and Ethical Aspects 11:00 PDF
    • 6: Healthcare Assistant: Module 03 MCQ 01:00
    • 7: Care for a feedback? 01:00 PDF
    • 8: Healthcare Assistant: Records Management 10:00 PDF
    • 9: Healthcare Assistant: Module 04 MCQ 02:00
    • 10: Healthcare Assistant: Infection Control 10:00 PDF
    • 11: Healthcare Assistant: Effective Communication 10:00 PDF
    • 12: Healthcare Assistant: Module 06 MCQ 01:00
    • 13: Healthcare Assistant: Patient Mobility 11:00 PDF
    • 14: Healthcare Assistant: Health Monitoring 11:00 PDF
    • 15: Healthcare Assistant: Module 08 MCQ 01:00
    • 16: Healthcare Assistant: Patient Care Skills 10:00 PDF
    • 17: Healthcare Assistant: Professional Growth 11:00 PDF
    • 18: Healthcare Assistant: Understanding Your Role in Health and Social Care 10:41
    • 19: Healthcare Assistant: The Importance of Working in the Care Sector 05:37
    • 20: Healthcare Assistant: Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care 09:07
    • 21: Healthcare Assistant: Personal Development in Healthcare 05:31
    • 22: Healthcare Assistant: Harnessing Feedback and Measuring Performance 05:52
    • 23: Healthcare Assistant: Understanding Duty of Care in Health and Social Care 06:00
    • 24: Healthcare Assistant: Promoting Equality and Respecting Diversity 08:38
    • 25: Healthcare Assistant: Empowering Individuals in Health and Social Care 06:54
    • 26: Healthcare: Effective Communication for Addressing Discomfort and Distress 06:44
    • 27: Healthcare Assistant: Effective Communication in Healthcare 06:01
    • 28: Healthcare Assistant: Understanding and Overcoming Communication Barriers 05:43
    • 29: Healthcare Assistant: Privacy and Dignity in Care_ Guidelines for Care Workers 10:45
    • 30: Healthcare Assistant: Fluids and Nutrition_ Importance and Support 08:30
    • 31: Healthcare: Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia, and Learning Disability 16:00 PDF
    • 32: Healthcare Assistant: Safeguarding Adults 13:00 PDF
    • 33: Healthcare Assistant: Safeguarding Children 07:00 PDF
    • 34: Healthcare Assistant: Basic Life Support 10:00 PDF
    • 35: Healthcare Assistant: Health and Safety 20:00 PDF
    • 36: Healthcare Assistant: Handling Information 07:00 PDF
    • 37: Healthcare Assistant: Infection Prevention and Control 08:00 PDF
    • 38: Thank You ! 01:00 PDF
    • 39: Healthcare Assistant: Module 1 09:00 PDF
    • 40: Healthcare Assistant: Module 2 08:00 PDF
    • 41: Healthcare Assistant: Module 3 09:00 PDF
    • 42: Healthcare Assistant: Module 4 08:00 PDF
    • 43: Healthcare Assistant: Module 5 09:00 PDF
    • 44: Healthcare Assistant: Module 6 08:00 PDF
    • 45: Healthcare Assistant: Module 7 08:00 PDF
    • 46: Healthcare Assistant: Module 8 08:00 PDF
    • 47: Healthcare Assistant: Module 9 08:00 PDF
    • 48: Healthcare Assistant: Module 10 08:00 PDF
    • 49: Healthcare Assistant: Module 1 09:00 PDF
    • 50: Healthcare Assistant: Module 2 09:00 PDF
    • 51: Healthcare Assistant: Module 3 08:00 PDF
    • 52: Healthcare Assistant: Module 4 09:00 PDF
    • 53: Healthcare Assistant: Module 5 09:00 PDF
    • 54: Healthcare Assistant: Module 6 08:00 PDF
    • 55: Healthcare Assistant: Module 7 09:00 PDF
    • 56: Healthcare Assistant: Module 8 09:00 PDF
    • 57: Healthcare Assistant: Module 9 09:00 PDF
    • 58: Healthcare Assistant: Module 10 09:00 PDF

Course media


Healthcare Assistant with Patient Care, Adult Care & Safeguarding Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Healthcare Assistant's Guide

  • Navigating the UK's Healthcare System
  • Defining the Role and Responsibilities of a Healthcare Assistant
  • Essential Attributes and Skills for a Successful Healthcare Assistant
  • Pathways to Embark on a Healthcare Assistant Career
  • Tackling Current Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

Module 2: Work Settings

  • Healthcare Settings
  • Unique Needs of Each Healthcare Setting
  • Varied Work Environments
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Upholding Safety Procedures in All Healthcare Assistant Environments

Module 3: Legal and Ethical Aspects of a Healthcare Assistant

  • Fundamentals of UK Healthcare Law
  • Professional Standards of Practice for Healthcare Assistants
  • Tackling Ethical Dilemmas: A Healthcare Assistant's Guide
  • Championing Patients' Rights and Advocacy
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection: Best Practices for Healthcare Assistants

Module 4: NHS Records Management

  • Records Management for a Healthcare Assistant
  • Techniques for Precise and Efficient Record Keeping as a Healthcare Assistant
  • Confidentiality Regulations
  • Data Security in Healthcare
  • Addressing and Reporting Confidentiality Breaches: A Healthcare Assistant's Protocol

Module 5: Championing Hygiene and Infection Control - A Healthcare Assistant's Blueprint

  • Personal and Environmental Hygiene
  • Infection Control Measures: A Healthcare Assistant's Guide
  • Perfecting Hand Hygiene and Utilising Personal Protective Equipment as a Healthcare Assistant
  • Managing Infectious Patients: Best Practices for Healthcare Assistants
  • Waste Management and Decontamination Procedures

Module 6: Effective Communication - A Healthcare Assistant's Toolkit

  • Foundations of Effective Communication in Healthcare
  • Techniques for Patient-Centric Communication
  • Collaborating with Healthcare Professionals
  • Handling Challenging Conversations and Delivering Difficult News as a Healthcare Assistant
  • Embracing Cultural Sensitivity in Communication: A Healthcare Assistant's Approach

Module 7: Ensuring Patient Mobility - A Healthcare Assistant's Roadmap

  • Grasping Patient Mobility and Immobility Challenges as a Healthcare Assistant
  • Techniques for Assisting with Patient Mobility
  • Recognising and Mitigating Risks of Patient Immobility
  • Safe Patient Handling and Movement Techniques for Healthcare Assistants
  • Utilising Mobility Aids and Equipment: Best Practices for Healthcare Assistants

Module 8: Monitoring Health Fundamentals for Healthcare Assistants

  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Recognising and Reporting Abnormal Findings
  • Acquiring Basic First Aid Skills for Healthcare Assistants
  • Understanding the Role of a Healthcare Assistant in Medication Management
  • Implementing Patient Comfort Measures: A Healthcare Assistant's Approach

Module 9: Patient Care Skills for Healthcare Assistants

  • Personal Care and Grooming Techniques for Healthcare Assistants
  • Ensuring Nutritional Support and Hydration
  • Assisting Patients with Elimination: Best Practices for Healthcare Assistants
  • Basics of Skin and Wound Care for Healthcare Assistants
  • Providing Emotional and Psychosocial Support

Module 10: Professional Growth of a Healthcare Assistant

  • Exploring Continuing Education Opportunities for Healthcare Assistants
  • Addressing Stress and Burnout in Healthcare
  • Building a Robust Professional Network as a Healthcare Assistant
  • Discovering Career Progression Avenues for Healthcare Assistants
  • Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Who is this course for?

This Healthcare Assistant course is designed for

  • Aspiring Healthcare Professionals,
  • Healthcare Solicitors,
  • Nursing Assistants,
  • Support Workers,
  • Health and Social Care Workers,
  • and Caregivers.

This Healthcare Assistant Course is suitable for anyone interested to further progress there career in:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Healthcare Assistant
  • Level 2 Diploma in Healthcare Assistant
  • Level 3 Award in Healthcare Assistant
  • Level 3 Certificate in Healthcare Assistant
  • Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Assistant
  • Level 4 Diploma in Healthcare Assistant
  • Level 5 Diploma in Healthcare Assistant
  • Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare Assistant


This Healthcare Assistant Training does not have any requirements.

Career path

  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Healthcare Solicitor
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Support Worker

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