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Level 2 Certificate in Cyber Security - Certificate Sample

Principles of Cyber Security Level 2

by Training Express Ltd

Course overview

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Safeguard your confidential data against malicious intentions and illegal activities to avoid reputational damage and gain client trust.

This Principles of Cyber Security Level 2 Training course offers a comprehensive approach to online safeguarding techniques, criminal activity identification, and UK legislation compliance for installing appropriate precautions and keeping critical information away from unauthorised individuals.

In this valuable Cyber Security Principles tutorial, you will learn the different tactics used by cybercriminals for fraudulent purposes, how to maintain strict online work policies, and the types of protective software to install. The Cyber Security Principles course covers everything you need to know to store and use your critical records and profiles securely and responsibly.

Enrol in this Cyber Security Principles training course today to stay secure online.

Learning Outcomes of Cyber Security Principles

  • Discover the risks that cybercrime poses to businesses and how to stop it
  • Understand how cyber-attacks occur and how to safeguard operating systems
  • Know how to prevent malware and viruses from infiltrating your software
  • Learn how to tackle online crimes such as cyberbullying and identity theft
  • Explore ways to stop damaging data breaches from accessing information
  • Gain ways to secure all of your IT devices and your business network

Key Features of Cyber Security Principles

  • Accredited by CPD
  • Top-notch video lessons
  • Instant e-certificate
  • Entirely online, interactive Cyber Security Principles Awareness Training course with audio voiceover

So, enrol now in this Cyber Security Principles Awareness Training course and make your every penny worth it!

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