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Introduction to Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology

by Knowledge Gate

Course overview

Unearth secrets hidden in bones. Decipher tales of forgotten tragedies. Delve into Forensic Anthropology, where every skeleton has a story to tell.

Delve deep into the riveting realm of Forensic Anthropology, where the analysis of human remains reveals haunting truths. This course offers an intriguing exploration from the foundational understanding of human osteology to the advanced nuances of forensic taphonomy. Dive into trauma assessment, skeletal identification, and the integration of forensic science. Discover the importance of human rights in mass disasters, and hone your proficiency in courtroom presentations.

Are you ready to decode the mysteries of the past? Join us today.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyse and identify human skeletal remains.
  • Evaluate forensic evidence using taphonomic processes.
  • Effectively present findings in a courtroom setting.
  • Collaborate on investigations involving mass disasters and human rights.
  • Integrate Forensic Anthropology within broader forensic science investigations.

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