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How to become a Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist
avg. starting salary

Are you a caring person who’s passionate about proper communication? If talking is your thing, then you should become a Speech Therapist… A Speech Therapist works with adults and children of all ages who have difficulties communicating verbally, supporting them in acquiring or improving their speech. They may also help people who struggle with eating. These problems could be the cause of a range of diseases and disabilities, including strokes, learning disabilities, or dementia, but will vary from each individual case. Duties for a Speech Therapist vary, but will generally include:
  • Talking with clients and observing their speech
  • Planning individual therapy plans
  • Giving advice and support to patients, family members, and teachers
  • Writing reports
  • Monitoring clients’ progress and keeping records

In order to be a successful Speech Therapist, excellent interpersonal skills and passion for helping people are absolutely essential. You will also need to be extremely patient, and considerate of others needs and requirements. Aside from communication skills, being able to ensure your clients are supported as best as possible, and confident in guiding them on their road to recovery, will be the key to success in this position. This involves building positive working relationships with clients of all ages. You must also be:
  • Creative
  • Caring
  • A good listener
  • An excellent problem solver
  • Organised


Speech Therapist

Up to £28,000

Specialist Speech Therapist

Up to £34,000

Advanced Therapist

Up to £40,000

"I’ve always been interested in the English language, but was never quite sure what to do with it. After studying English at school and college, observing case studies of human behaviour and interaction, I realised I wanted to pursue a career that combined language and working with people. It was then that I discovered Speech Therapy would be perfect for me. Now, as a fully qualified Speech Therapist, I’m still learning every day. It’s rewarding on so many levels, and although it can be challenging at times, that only pushes me to do an even better job."

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