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How to become a Solicitor


Career progression and salary expectations for a Solicitor


Junior Solicitor

| Up to £20,000


| Up to £70,000

The role of a Solicitor

If interested in law, and want to pursue your passion as part of a career, becoming a solicitor could be the perfect career move for you.

A Solicitor's job is to provide advice on the law to clients and act on their behalf when they have law-related issues. You'd usually choose to specialise during training to work with members of the public, companies or groups of people.

There are lots of different responsibilities when you're a Solicitor, but these typically include:

  • Sitting with clients in interviews with professionals such as the police to provide legal advice
  • Appearing in court to instruct barristers or represent clients
  • Observing animal behaviour and checking for injuries
  • Carrying out research into individual cases to establish precedent
  • Keeping records pertaining to each client
  • Organising documents ready for your client's court appearance
Solicitors must be quite self-confident and able to clearly express themselves, so this might not be the best career if you like to be seen and not heard.

Sensitivity, empathy and trustworthiness are also essential traits to have for those looking to become a Solicitor.

A great Solicitor will be:
  • Able to work effectively under pressure
  • Good at multi-tasking to deal with more than one case at once
  • Persuasive orator
  • Fastidious about attention to detail
  • Good at explaining potentially complex matters to the layman
  • Tactful and able to keep clients' confidence
"I love being a solicitor because it's hugely varied - I never know what kind of case is going to walk through my door next. I also enjoy going to court and following legal practice that has been in place for centuries. It is challenging sometimes and people can be hard work when they're stressed and under pressure, but I find this exciting. There's also the fact that I'm giving people a voice who might otherwise not be heard, so it's a rewarding job too."

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