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What you will learn
You will have a deeper connection with the Tarot, especially with "Cosmic Tarot" which is used in this course
You can interpret the symbology with ease and wisdom
Start nurturing (or expanding) your gifts through the Tarot
You can answer your own questions using the letters with ease
You will understand the mechanics of Tarot and many additional things!


About this Course
Tarot cards have been around for a long time, and they bring a lot of wisdom.

This course will be very simple, but easy and pleasant to understand. Over the course of the years, the Tarot gained a lot of rules and complications, however, it is much easier than it seems to be. And this course focuses on that.

In this course, you will get a good base on the Tarot and its symbolism, your intuition and how to combine the two together to provide amazing readings. After a few basic classes, I will share the symbolism of the cards themselves, in a way that you will learn to connect that symbolism with your own intuition and personal interpretation. You will not need to learn by heart everything I am saying, you will only need an open mind and let the information mix with your own knowledge. This is the best way to learn, especially when talking about Tarot.

Feel free to watch my introduction video. I am sure you will enjoy this course and learn a lot!

Basic knowledge
If you are open minded and do not rely solely on standards, you will love this course
This course will help you to open up more to your intuition and the symbolism of the Tarot
This course is not based on "The Little White Paper" This course is based on my intuition and more than seven years of experience
Tips and help will be explained in all the lessons while we study the symbolism of the cards
You will not need special software. You also don't need a Tarot deck, but it is recommended to have at least one


Meet the Prof and discover what this course is about!
Short introduction: Find and connect
Major Arcana
Minor Arcana
Bonus Section: More on the "cards themselves"
Conclusion and some extra!

Who is this course for?

Who this course is for:

Everyone who wants to learn more about Tarot
This course is great if you like working with symbology
If you have the slightest suspicion that you have a gift or have good intuition, you can especially expand a lot thanks to this course
If you are a medium or even a professional Tarotist, you can expand your knowledge in symbology and you will have more tools in future readings

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