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Simpliv LLC

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About us

Simpliv LLC, is a platform for learning and teaching online courses. We offer a rich variety of educational courses that have been prepared by authors, educators, coaches, and business leaders. Whether you're interested in healthy living, nutrition, natural healing, computer programming, or learning a new language, you'll find it here.

Why choose us

Overview of Simpliv Benefits:

Simpliv delivers an e-learning platform that helps shape the way professionals acquire the knowledge and skills they need to grow in their industry and keep up with the changing times, technology advances, and shifting policies.

It offers learners with a massive collection of courses on all professions and industries from hundreds of experts and professionals. Courses range from basic and essential skills for novice and entry-level professionals to complex videos for professionals who seek career advancement, bigger responsibilities, and more rewarding opportunities.

Simpliv bridges the gap between learners and authors in this new age through a dynamic and interactive learning/instruction approach. Authors engage learners through thorough discussions and questions that pertain to the subject, prompting learners to go deeper and learn in a very organic fashion.

For people who want share their share their knowledge, teach their skills, and nurture individuals who have the potential to grow and become industry leaders, Simpliv gives them the platform to do just that and earn a great deal.

Simpliv gives authors an avenue where they can sell their online courses, instructional materials, and videos among others. On top of that, the solution implements a profitable percentage sharing scheme that greatly benefits authors and helps in building up their reputation as experts, trainers, and teachers.

Overview of Simpliv Features:

  • Pre-recorded video lectures
  • Engaging community discussion forums
  • Option of auto-grading and peer-reviewing of the assignments
  • Live discussions on multiple topics
  • Weekly quizzes and monthly projects
  • Complete technical & academic assistance

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