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Music Theory Comprehensive Part 2: Chords, Scales, And Keys

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This course is designed for anyone who has wondered about music theory and is ready to fully explore it. In this course you will learn to identify scales, eyes, and chords by sight, create music by using music theory principles, and find any chord, key, or scale by applying principles – not memorization. By taking this course today, you will have the knowledge about musical chords, scales, and keys.

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Throughout this class, I’ll be providing you with 8 worksheets for you to practice the concepts on. If you get stuck, you can review the videos or post a question, and I’ll back to it as fast as possible. Also in this class, I have several complete analysis projects that we will complete together – just like in my college classes.

In this class, we will cover:

  • My approach to Music Theory
  • Tools you will need to learn Music Theory quickly and efficiently
  • Chromatic and Diatonic scales
  • Ordered Pitch Class Collections
  • The pattern of a Major Scale
  • Scale Degrees
  • Solfege
  • Writing melodies with major scales
  • Analyzing melodies
  • What it means to be “in key”
  • Key signatures
  • How to identify key signatures
  • Popular song analysis
  • Building triads (chords)
  • Diatonic chord progressions
  • Roman numeral analysis
  • Inversions
  • Finding chords by formula
  • The thirds inside of a chord
  • Finding fifths by finding thirds
  • Diminished triads
  • Augmented triads
  • Chords on the guitar
  • Full Analysis: Canon in D (Pachelbel)
  • Full Analysis: Minuet in G (Bach)
  • 7th Chords
  • Major 7th Chords
  • Minor 7th Chords
  • Dominant 7th Chords
  • …and much, much more!

Music Theory Comprehensive Part 2: Chords, Scales, And Keys course will cover the following topics:

Topic 1 - Introduction

  • Welcome And Overview
  • Tools We Will Use In this Course
  • DOWNLOAD: Staff Paper

Topic 2 - Chromatic And Diatonic Scales

  • What Are Scales, And Why Do We Care?
  • Definitions: Chromatic And Diatonic
  • Ordered Pitch Class Collections
  • Chromatic Scales

Topic 3 - The Major Scale

  • The Whole-Half Pattern
  • Scale Degrees And Tonic
  • Scale Degrees And Solfege
  • How To Practice
  • DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 1

Topic 4 - Scales And Keys

  • Using Major Scales (Writing A Melody)
  • Melody Analysis
  • What Does It Mean To Be “In Key”
  • DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 2

Topic 5 - Major Keys

  • Major Key Overview
  • What Is A Key Signature
  • Identifying Key Signatures
  • DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 3

Topic 6 - Chords!

  • What Are Chords
  • Song Analysis
  • Triads
  • Building Triads
  • The Diatonic Chord Progression
  • Inversions
  • Roman Numerals
  • Song Analysis, Version 2
  • DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 4

Topic 7 - Dissecting Triads

  • The Inside Of A Triad
  • The Third Holds The Power
  • Finding Chords By Half-Step
  • Finding Fifths By Thirds
  • DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 5

Topic 8 - More With Triads

  • Diminished Triads
  • Augmented Triads
  • Adding More Octaves To Triads
  • Chords On The Guitar
  • DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 6

Topic 9 - Pieces For Analysis

  • Analysis Overview
  • Analysis: Canon In D (Pachelbel)
  • Non-Chord Tones
  • Analysis: Minuet In G (Bach) – Part 1
  • Analysis: Minuet In G (Bach) – Part 2
  • Analysis: Minuet In G (Bach) – Part 3
  • DOWNLOAD: PDF Of Full Analysis
  • DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 7

Topic 10 - 7th Chords

  • What Are 7th Chords
  • The Four Types Of 7th Chords
  • Major 7th Chords
  • Minor 7th Chords
  • Dominant 7th Chords
  • DOWNLOAD: PDF Of Minuet In G Including 7th Chords
  • Blues And The Dominant 7th Chord
  • DOWNLOAD: Worksheet No. 8

Topic 11 - Wrap Up

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning about musical chords, scales, and keys.


No prior knowledge is required to take this course.

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