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Course Outline:

Zoology is one field that many people wish to enter since childhood. Let ICI’s zoo keeper/zoology course make that dream come true as you complete the following units:


Course Units:

1 Breeding Animals
• Genetics
• Cross and Pure Breeding

2 Animal Diseases and Diagnoses
• Types of Diseases
• Testing
• Diagnosing Diseases

3 Vertebrate Zoology
• The Animal Kingdom
• Classification and Characteristics of Animals

4 Animal Behaviour & Psychology
• Social Behaviour
• Instinct, Training and Handling

5 Animal Health Care
• Health Care Facilities
• Common Health Issues
• Detection
• First Aid
• Rehabilitation

6 Zoo Keeping
• Enclosures and Holding Facilities
• Animal Husbandry
• Working in a Zoo

Career Prospects:

Employment opportunities aren’t many for aspiring zoo keepers and soon as vacancy is announced, competition can be stiff. Hence, you need studies and training that will let you gain an advantage over other applicants.

A zoo keeper’s duties typically include care and maintenance of animals such as food preparation and keeping enclosures clean and safe. Oftentimes, they are required to make detailed observations as well as assist in capturing and restraining animals. Keeping records is usually part of the job too.

Aside from becoming a zoo keeper, the course can also pave way for jobs like VET assistant and wild life officer. You can also work for animal hospitals and day care centers, impound centers and protection agencies. Specialized animal management areas and exotic animals are often handled by specialist zoo keepers.


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