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Do you know how to impress your customers and make them feel special? More importantly: do you make them want to buy from you? Knowing how to sell the benefits of a product or service to a customer is an art. Luckily, it is an art that can be learned. After this ISM endorsed course, you’ll know how to persuade your customers to do business with you.

Selling Features and Benefits will help you to:

  • Convert features into benefits and close more sales
  • Develop a process to create unique benefit statements to motivate your customers to buy
  • Create meaningful conversations that align benefits and advantages with the needs of your customers
  • Reach into the mind-set of your buyers to influence decisions in your favour


What will you gain from this course?

The greatest benefit of this course is more sales. Once you’ve mastered how to use features, benefits and advantages to create compelling sales offers, your customers will want to buy.

You will learn a proven formula for selling benefits that will empower you to:

  • Define the key benefits of your products and services
  • Use link statements to convert features into benefits
  • Create powerful needs-based ‘benefit statements’ using features, benefits and advantages to create compelling solutions that meet customer needs
  • Focus on key issues and avoid “information dumping”
  • Use benefits to fulfil personal wins for individual customers
  • Pre-empt objections through the tactical use of benefits

What will your organisation gain from this course?

  • Increased sales revenue from new and existing customers
  • High performing sales people
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Skilled and motivated people who value the investment in them

Course Features

  • 6 interactive modules
  • Selling Features and Benefits sales simulation
  • Certificate endorsed by the ISM
  • A personal record, summary of content and personal feedback. This is a great coaching aid to follow-up from the course.
  • Flexibility - you can pause and resume at times to suit you

Course Structure

  • Module 1 – Course Introduction

Find out what this course is all about.

  • Module 2 – Understanding Features and Benefits

What is selling features and benefits?

  • Module 3 – Converting Features into Benefits

Discover how to turn product features into benefits.

  • Module 4– Creating a Compelling Sales Proposition

Understanding the next step.

  • Module 5 – Personal Wins and Managing Objections

Uncover the four stages of a benefit statement.

  • Module 6 - Sales Simulation:Selling Features and Benefits

Test your new skills in a challenging sales simulation.

Sales Simulation

Once you have completed the course you will have the chance to practice your learning in TLSA’s Selling Features and Benefits interactive simulation.

In this virtual environment, you will play the role of a sales person who has the opportunity to do business with two customers. Dealing with several decision makers, your challenge is to understand their needs and then sell benefits to create a proposition each customer will want to buy. Get it right and you will see the results.

The simulation features several situations where you must make decisions based on features and benefits. Naturally, once made, your decisions cannot be changed!

You will see your progress as the story unfolds and when you have finished the simulation, the scorecard will provide you with:

  • Your personal results in key skill areas
  • Specific feedback on each decision you make.

The simulation is an engaging, rewarding experience that ensures you will be ready to put your new skills straight into action with your own prospects and customers.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve sales performance and personal sales skills in a B2B context.

This may include business owners, new business developers, account managers, sales people, and anyone who needs to sell products and services.


You can play Selling Features and Benefits using Google Chrome on a Windows platform or Safari if you are using an Apple Mac, tablet or mobile.

Career path

Learn how to use benefits to create compelling sales propositions that your customers will want to buy. This course will give you the skills you need to be a successful sales person and the foundation to progress your career into an account management or sales management role.

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