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Hamilton Mercer

About us

About Hamilton Mercer

Hamilton Mercer is a leading provider of customer service and personal development training.

We help organisations and individuals to develop their skills, enhance their knowledge and realise their potential by inspiring excellence through learning.

Our training centres are located in London's Covent Garden, Manchester's Deansgate and Birmingham's Temple Row.


What makes us different?

Our expert Learning Consultants don’t just present you with a tick list of the things you need to do. We make a genuine connection to understand your goals and motivations. Before training even begins we take the time to uncover your learning objectives and needs, allowing us to deliver a truly personalised experience that meets your unique requirements.

Our expert Learning Consultants have a deep knowledge of learning psychology and theory, allowing them to motivate and inspire. We bring our learning to life so you can get the most from it.


Our mission

Our mission is to inspire organisations and individuals to raise their standards and reach their goals by sharing our philosophy of excellent service.

We aim to be the go-to company for people who want to raise performance levels and results, whether their own or those of their employees.


Why choose us

Our values

A leading authority
We want to be the leading experts in our field which is why we’re constantly updating our knowledge and methods to deliver the latest in training best-practice.

Full commitment
We’re there for clients at every stage of the learning cycle, from initial consultancy to learner preparation, training delivery and reinforcement of new skills.

Your success is our success
We know that our long-term success depends on customers achieving their desired results. We treat clients how they want to be treated so we can find optimal solutions to their unique requirements.

Results, not rhetoric
We’ll give you the tools to accurately measure the results of our training, which we believe will speak far louder than anything else we could tell you.