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Oracle Java OCP Certification

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Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer
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Training Square is the UK’s only digital media learning and development provider. we are An ORACLE Authorized Training Center with Industry Certified Expert Trainers.

Oracle Java (OCP) Training Include's: Classroom-based, Tutor Led, hands-on training giving you real-life experience, Lab Exercises, Project work, Unlimited Lab Access, Books, Materials, Course Completion Certificate, Free Re-training, and free refreshment.

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Detail Syllabus:

Java Technology and Programming Overviews

  • Examine Java technology, Java application
  • Describe the J2SE platform language enhancements
  • Describe the new tools available in J2SE platform
  • Describe changes to the core libraries
  • Describe enhancements to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM machine)
  • Abstraction, encapsulation, and packages Define class, member, attribute, method, constructor, and package Java technology API online documentation,
    Use the access modifiers private and public as appropriate for the guidelines of encapsulation

Identifiers, Keywords, and Types

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Java Generics and non-generic collections

  • Compare and contrast generic and non-generic collections
  • Use the generic version of the Collections API
  • Use generics with wildcards
  • Write generic methods
  • Integrate legacy (non-generic) code with generic code
  • Implement Generics

Expressions and Flow Control

  • Distinguish between instance and local variables, use Java software operators, legal and illegal assignments of primitive types, Identify boolean expressions and their requirements in control constructs, Use if, switch, for, while, and do constructions


  • Declare and create arrays of primitive, class, or array types, Create a multidimensional array,
  • Write code to copy array values from one array to another
    Explain why and show how to initialize the elements of an array
  • Determine the number of elements in an array
    Write code to copy arrays.

Advanced Class Features

  • Create static variables, methods, and initializers, Create abstract classes and methods, Create and use an interface

Exceptions and Assertions

  • Define exceptions, Use try, catch, and finally statements, common exceptions, Develop programs to handle your own exceptions, Enable assertions at runtime

Autoboxing and auto-unboxing in Java Programming

  • Describe manual boxing/unboxing and autoboxing/auto-unboxing
  • Use autoboxing with generics and the enhanced for loop
  • Describe the performance implications of using autoboxing and auto-unboxing
  • Implement autoboxing and auto-unboxing in a sample program

Enhanced for Loop in Java programming

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

I/O Fundamentals

  • Write a program that uses command-line arguments and system properties, Construct node and processing streams, and use them appropriately, Serialize and deserialize objects,

Console I/ O and File I/O

  • Read and write data from the console
  • Write data to the console

Building Java GUIs Using the Swing API

  • Describe the JFC Swing technology, Identify the Swing packages
  • Describe the GUI building blocks: containers, components, and layout managers
  • Examine top-level, general-purpose, and special-purpose properties of container
  • Build a GUI using Swing components

Handling GUI-Generated Events

  • Define events and event handling, GUI behavior, -based GUIs and describe the features of the SwingWorker class

GUI-Based Applications

  • Describe how to construct a menu bar, menu, and menu items in a Java GUI
    Understand how to change the color and font of a component

Metadata (Annotations)

  • Compare annotations before J2SE platform 5.0 with the new annotations
  • Use built-in annotations
  • Create your own annotation type
  • Use your own annotation type in source code
  • Use your own annotation type at runtime
  • Describe the Annotation Processing Tool (apt)
  • Use annotations to deprecate a method

Formatted Input/Output

  • Use the PrintWriter format and print methods in the program
  • Use the Scanner API
  • Use the Scanner API with regular expressions
  • Implement formatted I/O and the Scanner API

Concurrency Features

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)


  • Define a thread, Create separate threads in a Java technology program, controlling the code and data that are used by that thread, Use synchronized to protect data from corruption


  • Develop code to set up the network connection, Understand TCP/IP
    Use ServerSocket and Socket classes to implement TCP/IP clients and servers


Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer
Awarded by Oracle


"Java" is the most well-heard word in the IT industry. Java was originally developed by Mr. James Gosling while he was at Sun Microsystems as a platform-independent programming platform and its similar syntax as C++. In 2009 Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle Corporation and Java associated certification “Sun Certified Java Programmer” SCJP has been re-branded as “Oracle Certified Java Programmer” Java OCP Certification.

Java is the most powerful programming language carter for the standalone application, Networked Application, and the web application. As it is a platform independent language which means it will run in any Operating System as long as Java Framework is present. Due to its powerful functionality, it has become a sweetheart of most of the application and web developers and has been occupying the crown position since early 90’s.

In the current market most of the small organizations, as well as the large organization like banks, use Java as their web platform. Java has also gone deeper into the mobile programming too, powering all the Android Mobile Devices, Android Tablet Devices, and Android Apps which has majority market share in the current mobile market worldwide.

If you are looking for a job after the course we can certainly send your CV to prospective employers and the recruitment consultants or even help you to analyze and update your CV to make it looks professional.


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Who is this course for?

People aspiring to gain qualification/knowledge in Java and work as Software Developer, EJB Programmer, Web Programmer, Application Developer, Web developer

Always dream of building a career as a Java expert? Then the Oracle Certified Java Programmer course, formerly known as SCJP is your ideal next step. In Java OCP certification you will learn from basic foundation through to advanced level and would progress into areas of Oracle-certified Java specialization– such as Java Developer, Java-based web/business developer.

Ready to be a Java expert? With Java OCP, declare your proficiency in Java technologies and get officially recognized as an Oracle Certified Java Programmer today! Training Square is Oracle Certified Center in London for most of the Oracle certifications courses. As per Oracle requirement delegate can only achieve Oracle OCP certification if he/she attends the course at Oracle certified centers. When you register with us you will be officially registered with Oracle Corporation. Doing the Java course with Training Square means you will fulfill the Oracle requirement for OCP certification.

Learning Oracle Java certification is a goal for everyone who wants to pursue a career in the software development arena. At Training Square we deliver tutor-led, hands-on classroom-based training in a very professional environment by Oracle Certified and experienced Trainers who would patiently guide you to achieve your goal.


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